CAL FIRE crews from Fresno County are helping to fight the Coral Fire

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) — Firefighters are battling the Coral Fire in San Joaquin County. Winds fanned the spread of the fire, forcing people to evacuate their homes.

The fire also shut down parts of Interstate 5 and Interstate 580, crossing 580 at one point.

At the time of this writing, the Coral Fire has burned more than 14,000 acres near Tracy.

Hundreds of firefighters, including crews from CAL FIRE in Fresno County, are battling the blaze.

At 3 a.m., a strike team from Fresno County went to the Corral Fire. The heat was a challenge as crews worked to put out the fire.

Aerial video Sunday afternoon showed how far the Coral Fire had burned. The fire burned thousands of acres and threatened homes.

The fire broke out on Saturday. Crews rushed to put it out, but the wind fanned the fire and it spread quickly.

“The fire was wind driven,” said Battalion Chief Brandon Markle with CAL FIRE/Fresno County Fire. “We had really high winds and hills and grasslands. So the fire moved really fast.”

But firefighters made progress on Sunday. Markle said their crews left the Central Valley early in the morning to help put out the fire.

“We’re doing perimeter control right now,” Markle said, “making sure the fire is on the lines.”

Bat chief Markle told Action News they are monitoring the situation closely.

Investigators are working to determine the cause of the fire. Firefighters said it’s wildfire season, reminding them to always be prepared.

“Residents should do their due diligence and pay attention to the heat,” Markle said. “If we’re going to do our grass, do it before 10 a.m.”

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Two firefighters have been injured so far while fighting the Coral fire.

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