Cennedy Carter rips Kaitlyn Clarke’s skills and defends Angel Reese amid viral video

Many basketball fans have been excited to see the rivalry between the Chicago Sky’s Angel Reese and the Indiana Fever’s Kaitlyn Clark this year, but another Sky player is creating a battle for herself with the 2024 overall pick.

Chicago’s Chennady Carter Retrospectively assessed A flagrant 1 foul for Clark’s groin check during Sunday’s 71-70 loss.

she He refused to speak sequence in his post-match press conference, but later made his feelings for Clarke very clear on social media.

In a reply to the threads, Carter criticized the newcomers’ game:

“Beyond three-point shooting is what she brings to the table,” Carter wrote.

In Another oneAfter appearing excited from the bench after the forward made contact, she called Reese “my dog ​​fasho”:

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Carter’s foul immediately became emblematic of two larger narratives that have formed around the WNBA discourse: older players; “Hate” Clark And league practice allows those players to have free rein toward rookies Not broken on false calls.

Carter’s comments about Clark certainly help fuel the first storyline.

However, her approach is not exceptional. Whether it’s a sport or a league, more experienced players carry a chip on their shoulder when going up against younger counterparts. That’s especially true when a rookie like Caitlin Clarke is so over the top.

LeBron James Got it from some His home team in the Cleveland Cavaliers when he entered the NBA in 2003. A whole legend surrounds a few NBA stars. “freezing” Michael Jordan in the 1985 All-Star Game.

Rookies always have to earn their stripes and Clark is no different.

The extent to which it has already exploded is a prime example of why the WNBA could benefit from some individual drama on the court. It is better to fight in such a way that players or teams do not cross a clear boundary.

Not true for the WNBA Autograph Contest.

Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi were there All are interconnected Their careers, however, always felt less like a competition and more like a great game between friends. The Los Angeles Sparks and Minnesota Lynx, meanwhile, are a Fascinating struggle Lasted for several years, but the intrigue faded as both franchises fell out of title contention.

It is doubtful that Carter and Clark will develop any kind of lasting animosity. Sunday’s game would at least ensure a return matchup between Chicago and Indiana on June 16.

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