GameStop Stock Rises as ‘Growling Kitty’ Even AMC.

A Reddit account at the center of a 2021 surge in GameStop stock for the first time since April 2021 posted on Sunday.

GameStop stock jumped 102% to $47 in Monday trading before easing to $41.57 — a roughly 80% gain. Fellow meme stock AMC

The cinema chain also rose in the premarket – up 25% to $5.43.

The new rally came after Keith Gill On the roaring kitty X and YouTube and DeepF – Value on RedditGameStop appeared to post a screenshot showing a $181.4 million position in stock and options.

A screenshot of this Baron’s Unable to verify authenticity, shows account holding five million GameStop shares worth $115.7 million. Shares were bought at an average price of $21.27. The stock closed Friday at $23.14. The screenshot also shows 120,000 call options expiring on June 21. They represent the right to buy shares for $20. The options are valued at $65.7 million.

At X, Gill also posted a picture of the green “reverse” cover of the Uno game. The posts are sure to spark renewed interest in GameStop and other memorabilia stocks. In May, Gill set the meme stacks abuzz when he posted on his X account for the first time since 2021. On May 17, he posted a video.

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Gill became a folk hero on Reddit and other corners of the internet for his predictive bet on GameStop in 2021, when stocks soared to absurd levels amid a buying demand that would squeeze users and short sellers. Reddit users organized on the WallStreetBets forum and shared memes and song parodies about the move to buy GameStop stock. They started rallying around very low stocks like AMC.

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Before the latest post, Gil’s last update on his GameStop status was on April 16, 2021. The screenshot shows him holding $30.94 million in GameStop stock and $3.54 million in cash.

Gill made his new post on the SuperStonk subreddit, which is part of WallStreetBets, which gained followers after WallStreetBets moderators made moves to limit GameStop-centric posts, especially based on conspiracy theories.

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