The latest on the Baltimore Key Bridge collapse: Live updates

7:59 pm ET, March 27, 2024

Officials have suspended rescue operations for four workers who are believed to have died in the bridge collapse

From CNN's Aditi Sangal and Elise Hammond

Officials are suspending search and rescue efforts for four more people believed to have died in the bridge collapse, Maryland State Police Superintendent Col. Roland L. Butler Jr. said Wednesday evening.

“At this stage, given the conditions, we are now moving from recovery mode to recovery operation,” he said.

“Due to the superstructure around the vehicles and what we believe to be the amount of concrete and debris, divers can no longer navigate and operate safely around it,” he said. “We have exhausted all search efforts.”

The superintendent added that based on sonar scans, officials believe the vehicles are “attached to the surface and concrete” of the bridge.

Butler Jr. added that there is “no firm timeline” for how long the rescue phase will take, and when it's over, divers will return to the site.

“The sonar said it couldn't go into that area because it was completely encased in the superstructure,” he said. “Once that rescue effort is done and the superstructure is removed, the same divers are going to go back out there and bring them in. People are closing in,” he added.

The title and post have been updated with additional comments from Butler Jr.

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