Kate, William 'difficult' cancer talk with George, Charlotte



Kate Middleton and Prince William “sugarcoated” their youngest son Prince Louis' health problems, says King Charles' former butler.

The Princess of Wales, 42, revealed last week that she was undergoing chemotherapy after doctors discovered the cancer during her planned stomach surgery in January.

It's understandable that the royal family decided to share the news with the world on that particular day, just as it had before she and William's three children, Prince George, 10, Princess Charlotte, 8, and Prince Louis, 5, left school for the Easter break.

Kate Middleton and Prince William reportedly “sugarcoated” their youngest son Prince Louis' health problems when breaking the news. Jeff Robinson/Shutterstock

As Louis is significantly younger than his siblings, the pair no doubt approached the situation in a less straight forward way.

“I'm sure it's a very difficult and weird conversation between the children,” Grand Harald, who worked for Charles for seven years when he was Prince of Wales, told The Post exclusively.

“For example, with Louis, I believe the conversation was more sugar-coated than it was with George and Charlotte.”

“Older kids can understand more, so it was a little more obvious, but I imagine it was definitely positive, which is really important,” he explained.

“That's why when you see a picture of Kate with her three children, it brings tears to your eyes. That conversation is huge for any mother and you can imagine that Charlotte and George will be very supportive of her.

Middleton waited to reveal the news of her cancer until her children were out of school for the Easter break. Good pictures

Harald noted that since Louis is so young, it is reasonable to assume that he “probably doesn't understand much” about his mother's condition.

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“It's a tricky one,” he tells us. “I'm sure the kids will handle it, as any kid would be expected to handle it, but I think their parents are very good at being calm and collected, and I think that rubs off on the kids.”

The Post has approached Kensington Palace for comment.

The Princess of Wales, 42, revealed she underwent chemotherapy following a cancer diagnosis. AP
Carole and Michael Middleton provide Kate with a sense of comfort and stability when it comes to their grandchildren. James Watling / Splash News

While Middleton undergoes treatment, his parents, Michael, 74, and Carole Middleton, 69, are supporting their grandchildren during this uncertain time.

Since the Prince and Princess of Wales made Windsor their permanent home base last year, Carole and Michael have been able to spend more time with their grandchildren.

The couple is based in Berkshire, England, just a 40-minute drive from Windsor.

The Prince of Wales is juggling more official duties while supporting his ailing wife at home. Ashley Crowden/Shutterstock
Queen Camilla has been taking on more royal duties in recent weeks. ZUMAPRESS.com

Over the weekend, Middleton and William took off by helicopter from Adelaide Cottage in Windsor to Anmer Hall on Sandringham Estate with their children for the Easter break.

The family will spend free time at the lodge, where they are expected to visit King Charles III, 75, who is battling cancer.

The couple are understandably breaking from tradition this year by not joining the rest of the royal family for Easter services.

Instead, they spend long weekends together behind closed doors.

Charles, for his part, is set to attend a small Easter service with family, set to be much smaller than in previous years.

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