Green Bay facility to get new coordinator

Plans for increased waste management services begin to unfold

Tana Adams
Published on September 3, 2015

A garbage disposal truck during collection of refuse from Springdale Stadium.

©Photo by Tana Adams

Green Bay Waste Management Authority Inc. was expected to have a new project coordinator in place by the end of August.

The position will include responsibilities for both the Baie Verte and Green Bay regions.
Clar Brown, co-chair, said the board was in the process of hiring and would relay more about the new role and responsibilities once that person is on board. This includes acting as a bylaw enforcement officer to ensure compliance with solid waste regulations upon regional implementation, and liaising with Multi-Materials Stewardship Board and municipalities and conducting school education programs.  
Board members from each of the areas serviced will also represent the local waste management division - Dennis Vincent in Green Bay South and town councillor Laurie Henstridge in Springdale, for example.
Local employment includes a site operations supervisor, office assistant, a couple drivers and one recycling labourer.
The operation is governed by the Multi-Materials Stewardship Board, a Crown agency of the province, reporting to the minister of Environment and Conservation.
The new employee’s office is expected to be located at the Green Bay South Landfill.
A coordinator had already been hired, but only remained in the position for a short period.

Moving forward
The area has been identified as one of six regions on the Island to receive waste-management infrastructure investments over the next five years, with focus on transfer stations and waste-recovery facilities.
“Transfer stations and waste recovery facilities play an integral role in achieving the goals of the Provincial Solid Waste Management Strategy by facilitating the closure of landfill sites and advancing the 50 per cent diversion goal through expanded waste management services and recycling programs,” stated a release in late spring from the Multi-Material Management Stewardship board.
This infrastructure, along with the required transportation system, ensures regional waste management authorities can expand services and programs to recycle or properly dispose of items such as paper fibre, mixed containers and hazardous and bulk waste.
According to the most recent information, $65 million will also be invested between 2015 and 2020 to complete the development of transfer stations and waste recovery facilities. This is to be followed by the development of full-scale organic waste management infrastructure by 2025, following a study and report conducted by Dillon Consulting.
Municipal and Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Keith Hutchings said in a release that with $161 million invested to date, significant accomplishments have been achieved in advancing modern waste management in the development of new facilities, programs and services as well as the closure of 63 per cent of dumpsites.
This represents 148 dumpsites since 2002, with the goal of having 80 percent by 2020.