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Rudy Norman
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Alright, everyone, it’s time to get up and get something on the go, because this thing just got real.

Last week Stephen Harper was in Labrador – of all places – to announce that the Federal Government are going to be providing a Loan to the provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador and Nova Scotia, to make this Muskrat Falls thing happen.

Actually, what he signed was sort of a contract for a contract. He signed a promise that if this contract that they were now signing was met, then they would provide another contract, which in turn provided the money, which was, in fact, the loan.

Sound confusing? Of course it is – but, honestly, do you really expect any different from this going on?

Actually, if anything, by Harper coming to visit and weighing in on all of this, it’s probably did something for the project that Kathy Dunderdale, Dwight Ball, or not even Danny Williams could have done.

It actually brought enough attention to it, so that it’s starting to make a bit more sense.

Basically why the Feds have put a safety net in this contract is because under the terms of the agreement between Newfoundland and Labrador and Nova Scotia, the latter has until 2014 to hold up their end of the bargain and decide if they want to come in on this party with us or not.

Harper says if Nova Scotia isn’t in the mood to party Billionaire style, and decides to stay home and play Scrabble, then the loan is off, and that means bad news for a lot of people. Me and you included.

So where we’re left now, whether Kathy Dunderdale wants to admit it or not, is a waiting game to find out if Nova Scotia is going to hold up their end of the bargain or not, and make sure this deal goes the way we want it to go. Basically, we’re trying to find out if they’re going to build the maritime link, which would connect us with the rest of the continent, and kick back some extra cash in our pocket for a rainy day.

For Nova Scotia to make that happen though, they need to send the project to the public’s representatives for review – something Dunderdale did ages ago here, when most of the information on the project wasn’t even available, but she won’t do it anymore because she got spitey when they came back with a non-answer. Nothing like she gives the opposition in the House of Assembly every day, though.

So if Nova Scotia’s cronies give the deal the thumbs up, that province will then try to get this baby passed in their legislature, or, to put it in a bit fancier way, they will ‘sanction’ the project.

Again – they’ve got two years left to do this.

So what’s our Government saying? Oh we’re trying to get this done in two weeks.

Seems reasonable, doesn’t it?

– Rudy Norman

Organizations: Federal Government

Geographic location: Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador

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