Why Russia's Putin is supporting Biden for the US presidency is unknown

  • By Steve Rosenberg
  • Russia Teacher, Moscow

image source, Sputnik/Alexander Kazakov/Pond

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Joe Biden is an “old-style politician,” the Russian president told Russian TV reporter Pavel Zarubin.

I'm sure President Biden will welcome messages of support ahead of the US election.

But he would not have expected this.

“Who's better for us, Biden or Trump?” Russian TV reporter Pavel Zarubin asked President Putin.

“Biden,” Vladimir Putin replied in an instant. “He's very experienced, he's predictable, he's an old-fashioned politician.”

The Kremlin chief defended President Biden's ability to do the job.

“When I met Biden in Switzerland — true, it was a few years ago — some people were already saying he couldn't function. I didn't see anything like that.

“Yes, he looked at his papers. To be honest, so did I. It was nothing. And [Biden] Who's to say they haven't bumped into his head coming out of a helicopter on one occasion?”

The words come from the head of the Kremlin, whom President Biden has branded “a murderous dictator”, “a pure thug” and accused of being “lustful for land and power”.

So, no hard feelings from the Kremlin? All is forgiven?

Compare what Joe Biden has said about Vladimir Putin and Russia to what Donald Trump has said in the past.

If you were Vladimir Putin, who would you root for?

But if he's a close fan of Trump, why did the Russian president go on record saying he wants Joe Biden back in the White House?

Imagine Vladimir Putin publicly saying he wants a Trump presidency.

What a gift to the Biden campaign.

Donald Trump's political opponents would have jumped at such an endorsement and accused the former US president of colluding with the Kremlin, having ties to Russia two years after Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

It's rare to vote Republican and win.

However, if Donald Trump becomes the official Republican candidate for the 2024 presidential election, he will not escape questions about Putin and Russia.

Only now can Team Trump point to these Kremlin comments about Biden and use them to deflect the inevitable accusations that Mr. Trump is the Kremlin's pick.

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