What happened to the damages owed to the families of the OJ Simpson victims?

25 years ago, OJ Simpson was found liable in civil court for the deaths of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman, and ordered to pay more than $33 million to their families.

They still haven't recovered the damage.

Although it is still unclear where things stand with the Brown Simpson family, Mr. Even with Simpson's death, the Goldman family said its effort will not end. David Cook, an attorney for Fred Goldman, Ronald's father, said in an interview Saturday that he could not elaborate on their plans to get the money, but that “the trial will proceed as before.” In an earlier email, Mr. Cook, Mr. Simpson said he “died unrepentant”. Mr Thangamani could not be reached for comment.

In the 1995 criminal investigation Ms. Since the murders of Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman, Mr. Simpson was acquitted, but in 1997 a civil jury concluded that he had “willfully and wrongfully” caused their deaths, and in a unanimous verdict was fined $25 million. .

All in all, according to court documents filed in 2022, the Goldman family has paid Mr. received about $132,000 from Simpson.

Mr. It's not clear if that number reflected the amount of money auctioned off Simpson's memorabilia. Mr. Proceeds from Simpson's book, “If I Did It” — in which he wrote Ms. Brown Simpson and Mr. Goldman described in fictional terms how the brutal stabbings might have occurred — and led to damages.

It was not known Saturday how much damages the Brown-Simpson family had recovered. To answer specific questions about the money received by the Goldman family, Mr. Cook refused. But the total amount is still a fraction of what is due.

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Due to the 10 percent annual increase in interest on the unpaid portion, the amount owed now stands at $114 million, Mr. Cook said.

On Friday, Mr. Simpson's will was filed in the Clark County Courthouse in Nevada. Signed on January 25, Mr. Puts Simpson's estate into a trust.

Malcolm LaVergne, appointed executor of his estate, Mr. Simpson's longtime attorney said he has legal experts and accountants advising the estate, who will investigate all claims. .

Mr. Lavergne, Mr. Simpson told the Internal Revenue Service he believed he owed “several hundred thousand dollars” but did not provide further details.

He said he would pay the Goldman family and others if he decided consultants were needed. But he added that if there was a way to legally deal with the estate without the Goldmans getting anything, that “would be the option” he would choose.

Mr. Lavergne also helps the family in other ways. Mr. Simpson's body will be cremated on Tuesday, and funeral plans have not been decided, he said. Mr. Trump said he received a call from a researcher studying chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a degenerative brain disease caused by repeated blows to the head that has been found in the brains of hundreds of former NFL players. Lavergne said. But Mr. Lavergne, family Mr. Simpson's brain will not be donated for CTE studies, he said.

Mr. Recovering any damages from Simpson has always been a difficult task for the Goldman family. After the civil trial, Mr. Simpson insisted there was no way he could pay that amount. Christopher Melcher, an attorney in California who specializes in family law, says Mr. Simpson, who has not been involved in any legal matters, said there are limits to how much a person's wages can be reduced in such a ruling.

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Mr. Simpson paid the lowest amount, “because he denied having any evidence of income or assets against which to collect the judgment.”

In 2000, Mr. Simpson moved to Florida, where creditors could not foreclose on his home under local law, and he received a pension of about $400,000 a year from the NFL, the Screen Actors Guild and other sources. from seizures.

In 2006, Fred Goldman told The Times that Mr. Simpson said he was angered by the idea that he had been left out. “How else can you say it?” “He made every effort to avoid that judgment,” he asked.

But Mr. Melcher said the ruling was not without an impact on him, even without the money.

“The judgment is really a debtor's prison,” he said. “To be able to do nothing and do nothing without fearing that Fred Goldman will be there to collect that dollar and torment him for the rest of his life.”

Claims on a person's estate can take some time, Mr. Jackson said, pointing to the estate of Michael Jackson, who died in 2009. Melcher said his estate has yet to close.

The Goldman family will continue to wait. But after the civil trial Mr. According to Goldman's report, the verdict was the most sought after by the family.

“Money is not an issue. It never was,” he said. “This makes the person who killed my son and Nicole responsible.”

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