Watch SpaceX launch its fourth Starship flight test

SpaceX is preparing to send its largest Starship rocket on its fourth flight test on Thursday. The Starship Super Heavy Vehicle will lift off from SpaceX’s launch pad in South Texas during a 120-minute window at 8:00AM ET. Space says it’s targeting an 8:50AM ET launch with 95 percent favorable weather.

Through this you can watch the live broadcast SpaceX’s account on XIt is scheduled to start about 30 minutes before departure.

SpaceX says The primary objective of the fourth flight test was to demonstrate the ability to return and reuse the starship and its super-heavy booster – the spacecraft would have to survive the breakdown during its last flight test during re-entry through Earth’s atmosphere. The launch builds on what SpaceX learned during the Starship flight in March, when the craft successfully launched into space and completed several missions before losing contact with the vehicle.

SpaceX says it has made several hardware and software updates to address previous issues. The third flight test was the most successful to date, with the first two starship missiles ending with fiery explosions shortly after liftoff.

If all goes to plan this time, we should see a controlled entry for the starship with a splashdown in the Indian Ocean, the super heavy booster is expected to land in the Gulf of Mexico and make a soft splashdown.

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