The judge ordered Giuliani to pay $148 million in restitution immediately

Rudolph W. A federal judge on Wednesday ordered Giuliani to immediately pay the $148 million he owes. to wait

Former President Donald J. Mr. Trump has faced various tragedies for his efforts three years ago to keep Trump in office after his election defeat. For Giuliani, Judge Beryl A. Howell’s decision is the latest legal setback. But even as Judge Howell ordered the payment to be made quickly, Mr. There is no indication that Giuliani has anywhere near what he owes.

On Monday, a jury in Washington ruled that Mr. Days after awarding Giuliani damages, election workers Ruby Freeman and Shay Moss asked Judge Howell to waive the usual 30-day waiting period and force him to pay sooner. Possible.

their Request to Judge Howell, mother and daughter women, Mr. They said Giuliani had already failed to obey other court orders in a case involving money owed to them. A former US Attorney and New York City Mayor, Mr. They also noted that Giuliani was hounded by his creditors, including his former lawyer, and was saddled with “substantial debts that threatened his personal credit.”

“There is particularly good reason to believe that defendant Giuliani intends to avoid paying the judgment at all costs,” the women’s attorneys wrote.

In 13 page order, who pleaded guilty to lying about the women ahead of a trial this month in federal district court in Washington. Miss about Giuliani. Freeman and MS. Judge Howell agreed with everything Moss said. Before the trial began, Judge Howell charged Mr.

In the investigation, Mr. Trump’s personal lawyer, Mr. After Giuliani urged his millions of social media followers to watch the video, Ms. Freeman and M. As they counted the votes at a Georgia counting center on Election Day, Mr.

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“Giuliani messed me up, you know,” Ms. Freeman told the jury.

The decision to expedite the payment on Wednesday was warranted by what Mr. Judge Howell wrote, considering Giuliani’s history. The judge said he had a record of violating his order to pay the women’s legal fees and costs related to requests for discovery materials.

“Giuliani weakly counters concerns about his concealment of assets, with no evidence in the record that he attempted to disperse them,” he wrote. “This report ignores the adequate record of Giuliani’s attempts to hide or conceal his assets.”

Mr. Although Giuliani could still appeal the damages awarded by the jury, Judge Howell pointed out that the amount the jurors came up with was actually “conservative.” As part of his appeal, he can ask to stop making payments immediately — though, as Judge Howell noted, he still has to post a surety bond to show he’s at least partially good if he loses the money.

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