The entire Super Mario Bros. movie continues to be streamed on Twitter

This is a long term belief here on the edge Copyright law is the only real law on the Internet, because it is the only speech regulation most people on most platforms accept. (At least in America.)

Post something that blatantly infringes someone else’s copyright, and most sites will take action to remove it, as they are protected from liability under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act if they act within a reasonable time on a request. The way the DMCA affects user behavior on platforms is actually well-known: we’ve been writing about “no copyright intent” for over a decade. There are lots and lots of people who know how it works.

Anyway, Elon Musk isn’t one of them, and he fired most of Twitter’s trust and safety and compliance teams while increasing the length of videos you can post on Twitter, so now you can watch The Super Mario Bros. Movie on his slowly dying site. A single copy of the film has been released since April 28th and has accumulated… 9.3 million views till release.

A lot of views have come from this tweet with 8.5 million views.

You can find out too Avatar: Waterway This way on Twitter. Hey, why do you think the previous administration at Twitter didn’t enable 60-minute uploads earlier?

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