Taylor Swift sells her plane amid flight tracking drama

Taylor Swift has parted ways with one of her private jets amid reports she's asking people to stop tracking her flights.

The Federal Aviation Authority's website confirmed the singer's separation from her Dassault Falcon 900 on January 30.

Previously listed under SATA LLC, a company that shares an address with Taylor Swift Productions in Nashville, Jet has been owned by Swift since 2009.

Now, it is registered with a Missouri-based company incorporated in 2006 Business Insider.

While terms of the deal were not disclosed, a brand new Dassault 900 would command $44 million for sale.

The move leaves Swift with a private jet.

The Dassault 900, capable of seating 12 passengers, met Swift's travel requirements until the last registered flight on January 30. Meanwhile, his Dassault 7X has a slightly larger cabin and capacity for 16 passengers.

Following her tour in Argentina and Brazil, Taylor Swift returned to the United States on November 13, 2023 and landed at West Palm Beach Airport. VEM/MIAMIPIXX / BACKGRID
Photo of Taylor Swift's Dassault 900, which she sold on January 30. TheImageDirect.com

With her upcoming Tokyo concerts and the Super Bowl in Las Vegas to support her boyfriend Travis Kelce, fans are speculating on Swift's travel arrangements.

If he doesn't use his 7X, he may opt to charter a private jet.

However, Swift's passion for private jets has gone unnoticed, drawing criticism for environmental concerns.

In 2022, he topped the list of celebrities with the most private-jet carbon emissions — last year, his jets logged more than 166 hours during his US tour.

Taylor Swift was chosen as the worst celebrity in carbon emissions due to her use of private jets. These unseen pictures show Taylor Swift on her way to try and hide her private jet travel. Jesal/Diggzy/Shutterstock

Responding to these concerns, Swift's spokesperson revealed that the singer purchased carbon credits to offset her jet usage. Yet efforts to maintain privacy, such as enrolling in the FAA's privacy program, have not shielded her from public scrutiny.

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Jack Sweeney, a college student known for tracking famous airplanes, gained attention after sharing Swift's flight data on social media. Swift's legal team intervened and sent a letter to Sweeney accusing her of “stalking and harassing”.

Sweeney defended his actions, citing public information and transparency as his motivations.

Taylor Swift has demanded that private jet tracker Jack Sweeney stop documenting her flight. ZUMAPRESS.com

“I think people are interested,” Sweeney told the outlet. “You should have a good expectation that your jet will be tracked whether I do it or not, after all, it's public information.”

“I don't want to do harm anywhere,” he said, admitting he's a fan of some of Swift's songs.

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