Stranger charged with burglary, murder in slaying of Detroit synagogue leader

Attorney Brian Brown said he will vigorously defend Jackson-Bolaños.

“I don’t necessarily agree with the allegations,” Brown told The Associated Press. “We will wait for evidence.”

Voll, 40, was found dead outside her home east of Detroit on Oct. 21, hours after returning from a wedding. Investigators believe he was assaulted inside the residence.

“There is no truth to the claim that this defendant knew Ms. Woll,” Worthy said.

The killing immediately sparked speculation that it could be some kind of retaliation between the Israel-Hamas war. Even before Jackson-Bolaños’ arrest, authorities had repeatedly debunked the theory.

A person of interest remained in custody over the weekend, police said. Another person in custody was released in November.

“This is an extraordinarily sad and tragic case,” Worthy said, adding: “It will take time. We never want to rush to judgment.

Police Chief James White said Jackson-Bolaños “came on our radar a few weeks ago” as investigators tried to solve a string of burglaries in the area.

“It’s not a case you can solve like on television,” White said. “Hours and hours of testimonials, hours and hours of video, phone work, seven days a week.”

Woll Isaac was the leader of the Acree Downtown Synagogue. In addition to his work for the synagogue, Woll worked for Democratic U.S. Representative Eliza Slotkin and on the political campaign of state Attorney General Dana Nessel.

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