Russia’s War in Ukraine: Live Updates

8:13 pm ET, August 13, 2023

Russia says Ukraine carried out several drone strikes on its border on Sunday

From CNN’s Maria Knight

An apartment building damaged in a suspected drone strike in Belgorod, Russia on August 13, according to local authorities.

Governor of Russia’s Belgorod Region Vyacheslav Kladkov/Telegram/Manual/Reuters

According to the Ministry of Defense of Russia Another one A drone strike in its western Belgorod region on Sunday, as well as shelling in the northern Kursk region.

The latest drone strike occurred around 10 pm local time (3 pm ET), when a Ukrainian ship attempted to strike a target on Russian soil, but Moscow said it “failed”.

The Defense Ministry said the drone was found and destroyed by Russian air defense forces in the Belgorod region, with no casualties or damage following the attack.

This comes after local authorities reported intercepting three drones in the same region earlier in the day.

Shelling on Russian border: Three people were injured when a shell fired by Ukraine hit a residential building in the village of Volfino in the northern Kursk region, regional governor Roman Starovid said.

“10 incoming strikes were recorded,” Starovoyt said. “Unfortunately, three civilians suffered shrapnel injuries of moderate severity and were taken to Central District Hospital.”

The Russian village of Volfino, located across the border from Ukraine’s Sumy region, has been subject to regular Russian attacks.

Shelling and drone attacks by Ukrainian forces have increased in recent months. Kiev rarely directly requests such attacks, but Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said. War “gradually returns” to Russian soil.

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