Russia-Ukraine War News: Worries over rising food prices as grain deal ends; Putin Responds to Crimean Bridge Attack

Russia said it was resuming its embargo on Ukrainian grain, ending the UN-backed Black Sea Grain Initiative, which had saved vital food supplies and helped curb soaring food prices around the world. “Corn, soybeans and wheat are all higher today as a result of this decision,” National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said of prices on Monday. “We’re seeing the impact now.”

A Kremlin official wrote on Telegram early Tuesday after Ukraine’s pre-dawn attack on a key bridge linking Russia and Crimea killed two people. mode of transportation Videos of the reopening and cars driving over it have been released. Russian President Vladimir Putin has vowed to retaliate against the incident.

Here’s the latest news on war and its ripple effects around the world.

As Ukraine aims to undercut Russia’s defenses, the US is pushing for a decisive breakthrough: Ukraine is making limited progress in its counteroffensive against Russian forces, officials and analysts say, but officials and analysts say they have yet to use the large-scale operations that U.S. officials hope could enable a breakthrough. Now, questions run deep among some of Ukraine’s key supporters about whether Kyiv can move fast enough to match a limited arsenal of weapons, Missy Ryan, Isabel Kurshutyan and Michael Birnbaum report.

Five weeks into the much-anticipated operation, Ukrainian forces are trying to weaken Russian defenses by firing artillery and missiles and sending small groups into the vast minefields that form their enemy’s outer ring of defenses. But the pace of progress along three key areas along the 600-mile front has raised concerns in the West that the Zelensky government may not deliver the powerful blow it could.

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