Next-Gen Musician Tools Have Arrived!

In an unprecedented move for the empowerment of independent artists, a novel hub for music distribution, promotion, and analytics has been unveiled – the “Viberate for Artists”. This robust platform amalgamates essential tools designed to catapult the careers of indie musicians. Within this dynamic platform, artists gain access to services encompassing digital distribution, music promotion through artist websites and playlist pitching, and valuable analytics derived from social media and various music channels.

Viberate stands as a formidable music data company renowned for furnishing industry professionals with in-depth music analytics. The expansion of their service palette now encompasses resources specifically crafted for artists, with some being graciously offered at no cost while others are accessible for the modest annual fee of $39.

A Premier Free Website for Musicians

As the world’s largest crowdsourced database dedicated to musicians, Viberate meticulously verifies every artist page through a diligent team of curators. This meticulous process facilitates the generation of a free website for musicians. Each artist is assured of possessing a website; if this is not the case, Viberate pledges to promptly address this oversight.

These artist-centric websites are repositories of crucial information including: genre, base country, top songs, notable music videos, upcoming events, and a comprehensive audience breakdown. These snippets of information are invaluable for industry professionals in the process of scouting prospective talent for bookings or signings. With a claim process in place, artists can effortlessly take control of their websites, adding pivotal contact and booking buttons for convenience. Viberate prides itself on these websites as they are aesthetically pleasing, automatically generated, consistently updated, and primed for sharing.

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Accessing Spotify for Artists Stats

For artists seeking to delve into their social media and streaming analytics, the platform is a one-stop-shop. Linking their Spotify accounts allows musicians to seamlessly access their Spotify for Artists stats. Here, they can monitor an array of metrics including Spotify listeners, followers, streams, and stream sources. In-depth insights into their audience’s demographics, geographic location, and growth in various countries are readily available. Furthermore, they can keep a vigilant eye on their playlist performance, allowing for strategic planning and timely adjustments to promotional campaigns.

Digital Distribution of Music

Promotion is pivotal, but first, there must be content to promote. Recognizing this, the Viberate for Artists platform empowers musicians with unlimited digital music releases to all major streaming services, ensuring their sounds reach the ears of eager listeners globally.

Mastering Spotify Playlist Pitching

Once the music is out, promotion becomes paramount. With a Spotify playlist pitching tool incorporated, musicians can propel their songs further. The tool provides access to a Spotify playlist chart ranking that meticulously categorizes over 12 million playlists based on their popularity. This functionality allows musicians to strategically select playlists that resonate with their music style, potentially expanding their reach exponentially.

The tool is designed with user-friendly filtering options allowing for sorting by genre, subgenre, playlist type (including editorial and indie), song release date, and popularity of featured songs. Direct outreach to some playlist curators is possible, while others are reachable via external links. For instance, musicians can identify 83 indie curator playlists specializing in House music, each boasting a minimum of 15,000 followers, with over 30% of their playlisted songs released within the past three months. These curators can be contacted directly through the platform or using external links.

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Premium Plan for Aspiring Artists

For those desiring an elevated experience, the Premium Viberate for Artists plan is available at $39 per year. This package encompasses music distribution, promotional tools, and advanced analytics designed to give musicians an edge in the competitive music industry.


Navigating the music industry as an independent artist is notoriously challenging, but with platforms like Viberate for Artists offering a free webpage for musicians, access to Spotify for Artists stats, and solution for Spotify pitching to playlists, the journey is undoubtedly smoother. Through its comprehensive suite of utilities and services, this platform is demystifying the complex landscape of music promotion, distribution, and analytics for musician around the globe.

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