McCarthy appealed to Republicans to support the debt ceiling plan

(CNN) Speaker Kevin McCarthy made a plea to House Republicans during a closed-door meeting Tuesday morning to support his debt ceiling plan, saying that while it may not necessarily include everything they want, it will help get him to the negotiating table.

McCarthy told members that once he’s at the table, he could push other policy provisions down the road, according to multiple sources in the chamber, underscoring the idea that leadership sees the GOP-only plan as a way to strengthen their hand. At the negotiating table.

House Republicans insist that any increase in the debt ceiling must be paired with spending cuts, while the White House has argued that the ceiling should be raised unconditionally. Even if the bill doesn’t pass in the Democratic-controlled Senate, McCarthy wants to move the debt ceiling bill through the House as a way to pressure the White House to come to the negotiating table. The challenge for McCarthy now is whether he can unite his conference behind a plan amid internal divisions between different factions.

The closed-door meeting begins GOP leaders’ difficult push to secure 218 votes to raise the debt ceiling and cut federal spending. McCarthy led members through his proposal, which included rolling back unspent Covid-19 funds, 10 years of spending caps, blocking President Joe Biden’s student loan forgiveness and implementing the GOP energy bill.

House Rules Chairman Tom Cole told CNN the GOP debt ceiling bill will be on the House floor next week.

Conservatives are pushing for more inclusion.

CNN’s Manu Raju contributed.

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