LeBron James Responds to Dillon Brooks’ Trash Talk at Lakers-Grizzlies: ‘This Wasn’t My First Rodeo’

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LeBron James has faced every type of trash talk imaginable. He’s an 18-year-old rookie who’s about to take the league by storm, and he’s a 38-year-old fending off challengers to his throne. He’s heard it in the preseason, he’s heard it NBA Finals. It’s up to the obvious shots Subtle jabs. At least half a dozen owners consider him one of their fiercest rivals. While you’ve been the most loved and most hated player in the NBA at different points in your career, you never take any individual for granted.

So, naturally, James isn’t particularly bothered by Dillon Brooks’ efforts. Memphis Grizzlies wing James is no rebel, and he won’t be the last, but every time he gets in front of the microphone, he seems to dig himself a deeper hole. Before the postseason he said He “doesn’t mind LeBron playing” because he wants to “knock him out right away.” He got his wish. The Lakers won Game 1. After Memphis tied the series following Game 2, Brooks was invited James said he was “old” and “don’t respect anybody until they come and give me 40”.

James didn’t score 40 on Brooks, but he didn’t need to. James still embarrassed his young challenger as the Lakers jumped out to a historic 35-9 lead after 12 minutes. James scored 25 points in the win. Brooks shot 3 of 13 before being ejected for hitting James in the groin. James fired back at Brooks during his post-game media availability, refusing to take the bait.

“This isn’t my first rodeo,” James said said. “I’ve done this with a few people throughout my career. It’s easy, it’s really easy if you want to … We won tonight. I don’t want to say that. We won, [Anthony Davis] Had a hell of a game. I won’t do this.”

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When Lance Stephenson blows in your ear during a playoff game, you’ve seen it all. James faced legendary trash talkers like Kevin Garnett, Rasheed Wallace and Draymond Green. He had years of feuds with several players named Stephenson (Lance and slightly differently spelled Deshaun Stevenson). Brooks is one of the best wing defenders in the NBA. He can trouble James with his play.

But nothing he says bothers a seasoned player like James. Brooks will need a new tactic if he hopes to even the series this coming Monday in Los Angeles. He probably liked the idea. Stream refused To talk to the media after Game 3. An attitude he needs to maintain moving forward. Bears, after all, are not meant to be poked.

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