Kyiv hopes to broker peace with Russia – POLITICO

“We have a Ukrainian peace plan in front of us, and Russia recently shared some terms. Each side sees the other’s actions as an extension of the war effort,” Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan said.

He cited the Black Sea Grain Initiative as a diplomatic success because it included Russia and Ukraine and provided predictability for both countries. “There’s a lot to learn from this example,” Fidan said.

Although Moscow complained that the grain deal was unfair and eventually pulled out of it in the summer of 2023, Ukraine later re-established the Black Sea export route, systematically destroying the Russian navy it had used to blockade Ukrainian ports.

Kyiv hopes Saudi Arabia will host the next peace summit for Ukraine because it helps engage Beijing and has good relations with Russia. The date and terms of that conference are yet to be determined.

Zelensky done Switzerland made a last-minute unannounced visit to Saudi Arabia ahead of the summit and persuaded Saudis who had not planned to come to Burgenstock to change their minds, Zhovkva said.

“We believe this summit will provide us with the basis of a political path to resolve the conflict. We are ready to defuse it as we get closer to a solution,” Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Al Saud said during a meeting on Saturday. “But the road to peace will require some difficult compromises as part of a road map,” he said.

“Any credible process will require Russia’s participation,” he stressed.

The final announcement of the summit will be made later on Sunday.

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