Justice Department Says Cuomo Created 'Sexually Hostile' Workplace

Former New York Governor Andrew M. The Justice Department concluded that Cuomo and his administration staff subjected female employees to a “sexually hostile work environment” and retaliated against many who later complained.

The Findings The investigation of New York Attorney General Letitia James appears largely to prove that, amid a culture of fear and intimidation, Mr. He concluded that Cuomo had sexually assaulted 11 women. Mr. denied that he had sexually harassed anyone. Cuomo resigned in August 2021, shortly after Ms. James' report was released.

Since his departure, Mr. Cuomo has waged a multifaceted campaign to discredit the report and Ms. James is politically motivated and is slowly maneuvering his way back into political life.

But Mr. Cuomo's efforts could be severely compromised by Justice Department findings that he repeatedly subjected women who worked with him to unwanted sexual contact, comments and appearances, and that he prioritized some women based on their physical appearance.

According to the report, Executive Chamber staff implemented this behavior in retaliation for some of the complainants. The Justice Department characterized the chamber's response as “designed only to protect Cuomo from further charges, rather than to protect employees from sexual harassment.”

Mr. Cuomo's lawyer, Rita Clavin, questioned the Justice Department's method of investigating Mr. “This is nothing more than a political settlement with no investigation,” Ms. Clavin said, adding: “Governor Cuomo has not sexually harassed anyone.”

Findings of the Judiciary, Mr. They were included in a settlement reached with the administration of Gov. Kathy Hochlin, who succeeded Cuomo.

Under the terms of the settlement, the Hochul administration initiated a series of reforms aimed at preventing future misconduct, including new avenues of external reporting and investigation, the expansion of the chamber's human resources department, and the firing of employees identified as engaged. Mr. Cuomo's misconduct.

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Ms. Hochul said in a statement that she was pleased that the Department of Justice recognized her administration's efforts: “The moment I took office, I knew that the previous culture of harassment in the management team had to be rooted out and strongly enforced. Policies to promote a safe workplace for all employees, immediate action taken.

Last week, Mr. Cuomo filed a lawsuit seeking to compel Ms. James' office to release investigative materials. He has also aggressively defended himself against civil lawsuits from women who claim he sexually assaulted them.

In 2021, Mr. Cuomo was impeached. The case was dropped after the Albany County District Attorney found there was insufficient evidence to proceed. District attorneys in Westchester, Nassau, Manhattan and Oswego counties also investigated the conduct of Ms. James's report, but decided not to pursue charges against the former governor.

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