Judge lets Trump appeal Georgia election case against Fannie Willis

ATLANTA (AP) — Judge Oversight Georgia 2020 Election Interference Case Donald Trump and other defendants got a chance Wednesday to appeal a ruling allowing Fulton County District Attorney Fannie Willis to prosecute.

Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee granted defense attorneys' request for permission to ask the Georgia Court of Appeals to reconsider the judge's decision. It is up to the appellate court to decide whether to hear it or not.

In a ruling last week, McAfee denied a defense request to disqualify Willis from the case or dismiss the indictment. Her love affair With Special Counsel Nathan Wade. The judge said Friday that Willis could continue the case until Wade resigns.

But the judge chastised Willis for making a “gross” error in judgment and questioned the veracity of her testimony about Wade and the timing of their relationship.

Attorneys for Trump and other defendants have said failure to fire Willis could jeopardize any conviction and force a retrial if an appeals court later finds it warranted.

Trump lawyer Steve Sato said the judge's decision to allow the appeal was “very significant.”

“The defense is hopeful that the appellate review will result in the dismissal of the case and the disqualification of the DA,” Sato said in an email.

In a letter to Wade Willis, he said he was doing so “in the interest of democracy, a commitment to the American people, and moving this case forward expeditiously.”

“I will always remember — and remind everyone — your courage in moving forward with the investigation and prosecution of the allegations that the defendants in this case were involved in a conspiracy to subvert Georgia's 2020 presidential election,” Willis wrote.

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In a social media post, Trump said “Fanny Willis' boyfriend” had “resigned in disgrace,” and Trump reiterated that it was an attempt to hurt his campaign to retake the White House in November. Trump has denied any wrongdoing Innocent.

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