Jackbox finally makes a party bag for adults

Jackbox players want an older and adult party pack: Your prayers have finally been answered as Jackbox Games announced today on ID@Xbox that its next party pack is aimed at the older demographic.

As the name suggests, Jackbox Naughty Pack is the next entry in the party game franchise and is designed for adults. While there are no details as to what mini-games will appear in the pack, we do know that it will be released this year.

Jackbox Games has released a new party pack almost every year since the first installment was released in 2014. Each Party Pack entry contains five mini-games designed to be played with three or more friends. Usually a phone, for gaming.

The Jackbox Party Pack series has grown in popularity as content creators host streams where they play one of the ten party packs currently available. series Increased exponentially in 2020 During the pandemic, family members or friends hosted virtual game nights over social distancing on video conferencing apps like Zoom. Beyond content creation and social distancing, Jackbox is a great choice for those who want to host a game night or have a fun activity during a dinner party.

Although Jackbox is designed for all ages, the release of the Party Bag comes as no surprise, in particular Many adults do Usually the host A game night Participants must be 18 or older. Or some players generally use snark or foul language while playing mini-games Quiflash.

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