Israel-Hamas War Intensifies as Gaza Deaths Rise: Live Updates

8:25 pm ET, October 27, 2023

The advocacy group says the current war in Israel and Gaza is the most dangerous for journalists since 1992

From CNN’s Karim El Damanhoury

Relatives and colleagues of Palestinian journalists Saeed al-Taweel and Mohammed Sob, who were killed in an Israeli airstrike, mourn during their funeral in Gaza on October 10.

Ashraf Amra/Anatolu/Getty Images

The past three weeks of the Israel-Hamas war have been the most dangerous period for journalists of the conflict in decades, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ).

At least 29 journalists have been killed since the first attack by Hamas on October 7 Report Published on Friday. CPJ said it began tracking the deaths of journalists covering a conflict in 1992.

CPJ said at least 24 of the journalists killed were Palestinian, four were Israeli and one was Lebanese.

Journalism Advocate Group also said “Extremely alarmed” by reports of communications blackouts in Gaza.

“The world is missing out on the reality of all parties involved in this conflict as news agencies lose touch with their crews and reporters in Gaza who are testifying independently to provide information on the developments and human toll of this war.” CPJ said.

Communications in Gaza have been severely affected in the past few hours as a result of Israeli airstrikes, local telecommunications provider Jawwal said.

Paltel, the last major internet operator standing in the region, has suffered damage on its international routes, according to NetBlocks, a London-based internet outage monitoring firm.

CNN’s Amy O’Kruk and Abeer Salman reported for this post.

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