Hamas released a propaganda video of two hostages, including a kidnapped American citizen

On Saturday, Hamas released new undated video footage of two people, including an American citizen, being held hostage in Gaza. The video shows the two men alive and was posted on the Palestinian militant group's social media channel, which is regularly used by the group to release propaganda videos.

The hostages seen in the video were identified as Omri Miron and Keith Siegel by the Campaign Group for Hostage and Missing Families Forum. Both were abducted by Hamas during the October 7 attack on Israel.

In the statement, the campaign group said the video showed the hostages “for the first time after 204 days of captivity”. CBS News could not verify the date of the shooting or the contents of the video, but the footage was posted on the same channel that aired the other videos. Shows the hostages.

A U.S. official told CBS News that the FBI is reviewing evidence of a live-action propaganda video released by Hamas, which also features an American hostage, Siegel, and an Israeli hostage. The White House had no advance notice of the Seagal video before it was made public. US officials are in contact with the Siegel family.

Five US citizens are still unaccounted for and believed to be alive as hostages in Gaza, a US official confirmed to CBS News. On Wednesday. They are also believed to have the remains of three US citizens. Hamas Releases Israeli-U.S. Video Footage Hersh Goldberg-Bolin On that day – when Jews were celebrating Passover – he delivered a lengthy statement clearly crafted by Hamas.

The US official said it was the first time Hamas had publicly released a video of an American citizen being held hostage until Saturday, when Siegel's video surfaced. He is the second American citizen to appear in a Hamas propaganda video. A representative for Siegel's family told CBS News that the video is the first the family has seen since the 64-year-old American's abduction.

Siegel's wife, Aviva Siegel, a non-US citizen, was released by Hamas in November. when A temporary truce in which the militant group vacated About 100 hostages Taken during the militant group's October 7 attack on Israel. Around 210 Palestinians In return they have been released from Israeli prisons.

Hamas and affiliated terrorist groups are believed to be holding 133 hostages in Gaza.

“The proof of life of Keith Siegel and Omri Miron is clear evidence that the Israeli government must do everything to ratify an agreement to return all hostages before Independence Day. The living must return for rehabilitation, and the murdered must receive a dignified burial,” the campaign group's statement said.

— Tucker Reales, Margaret Brennan, Pat Milton and Haley Ott contributed reporting.

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