Doja Boon's brother accuses singer of knocking out teeth amid shock abuse claims as mother files restraining order

  • The singer's mother has accused her son Raman, 30, of 'physically and verbally' abusing Doja.
  • According to TMZ, he has filed that at one point he knocked out Doja's teeth.
  • Judge Deborah issued a court order granting protection from Raman, but ruled that Doja must file her own motion for a restraining order.

Doja Boone's mother has filed a temporary restraining order against her son and Doja's elder brother, alleging that the singer was 'physically and verbally' abusive.

Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer said at one point her 30-year-old son Raman Dalithando Dlamini knocked out the singer's teeth. TMZIt is not clear when the incident took place.

Her mother also alleged that Raman gave 28-year-old Doja 'cuts and bruises' and stole and destroyed some of her property.

Deborah claims Raman verbally abused her sister in a 'most vile and despicable manner' [sic]And she says she made her daughter feel 'unsafe and traumatised'. has reached out to Doja's representatives for comment.

Doja Cat's mother has filed a temporary restraining order against her son and Doja's elder brother, alleging that the singer was 'physically and verbally' abusive; Doja saw in 2023

Deborah has alleged that Raman physically abused her and threatened her several times over the past year.

He says the most recent incident happened earlier this month.

While the judge granted Deborah protection for her son pending a hearing for a permanent restraining order, he did not grant it to Doja, ruling that she must file her own request for a restraining order.

In the documents, Doja's mother noted that she previously had a restraining order against her son, but it expired.

Doja – real name Amala Ratna Zandil Dlamini – was born in Los Angeles to Deborah, an American graphic designer of Jewish heritage, and Dumisani Dlamini, a South African artist of Zulu descent.

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He is best known for his role as Crocodile in the original Broadway cast of Sarafina! and the 1992 film adaptation.

In the profile of 2021 Rolling Stone In the magazine, Thoja revealed that she and her brother were among the few mixed-race children in their neighborhood and experienced racism.

She shared that most of her friends growing up were white and Jewish, and that her brother would make fun of her for not having black friends.

In the same interview, her former babysitter, Alexis Haynes, revealed that Doja's brother's behavior problems 'took up a lot of space in that house.'

Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer said at one point her son Ramon, 30, knocked out the singer's, 28, teeth, according to TMZ, but it's unclear when the incident happened.
Her mother alleged that Raman gave Doja 'cuts and bruises', stole and destroyed some of her property and made her feel 'unsafe and traumatised'. Doja saw in 2023
Deborah was granted court-ordered protection from Judge Raman, but Doja ruled that she should file her own motion for a restraining order.
Not much is known about the singer's family, how many siblings she has in total, although she said in an interview with Fader that they are 'scattered in different cities'.

'There may have been no room for this [Doja’s] feelings. She had other ways and ways of attracting attention, but she was a good child, a sweet child.'

Doja has suggested in the past that she is estranged from her father.

It's unclear how many siblings the Streets singer has in total, though she did say so in an interview Faded They are 'scattered in divers cities.'

In the same interview she mentioned that she feels 'blessed' even without a family of her own.

'It's always nice to have both your parents in your life, and your brothers and sisters and everybody loves each other, but sometimes that's not the case.'

Doja's Scarlet Tour officially kicked off on Halloween night in San Francisco in October, and was in support of her fourth studio album, Scarlet, which dropped in September.

On December 13 he concluded his North American tour in Chicago.

The star will take the rest of the tour on June 11 with a stop in Glasgow, Scotland before wrapping up in Liege, Belgium on July 12.

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Doja concluded the North American leg of her Scarlet Tour in Chicago on December 13; Pictured performing in Brooklyn in November 2023
Last month he announced international dates for The Scarlet Tour, which kicks off in June in the UK

It's already on track to become the highest-grossing tour in history by a female rapper.

Ice Spice duo – known for hits including Boys A Liar Pt. 2 – and were the supporting acts for the North American tour of the persuasive singer Tochi Doja.

Unlike other music artists, the rapper sports a completely new look for each concert stop instead of going through multiple outfit changes during a show.

Another unique move is that fans can shop on their own time at the Doja Cat store on Amazon, rather than buying shirts and hoodies at concert venues.

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