DC Breaks Silence On Young Fly Jackie’s Death Oh! ‘The Greatest Mother I Know’

DC Young Fly

Breaking the Silence on the Death of Jackie O!

‘The Greatest Mother I Know’

DC Young Fly He breaks his silence on the death of his longtime partner. Jackie O!He called her the greatest mother he’d ever known … and promised to tell their children how wonderful she was for the rest of their lives.

DC posted a series of photos of their family on Instagram and wrote, “I’m not in a rush to post this because I want it to be a dream, but every hour I’m reminded of reality, so I want to. Make sure I appreciate you properly.”

He says, “I know your soul was beautiful, you always wanted the best for others, and I admired how our family loved each other!!! You never had to worry about loving each other. It was!!!”

Odell Beckham Jr. Death of Mrs. Jackie O!, ‘Rest Easy Angel’

DC also shared some details of the couple’s last conversation, revealing that he said he was praying for her — though it’s unclear why he felt the need to do so.

He continues, “Love you always, know we’re going harder than ever, God’s in control, He’s got us covered.”

TMZ broke the story, Jackie died in Miami Last week.

While the cause of her death is currently unclear, online reports said she was in town for some sort of “mommy makeover” cosmetic procedure.

In the latest episode we discussed Jackie’s death The TMZ PodcastAvailable on all podcast platforms.

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