Davenport Iowa building collapse latest: Rescue survivor loses leg as two more feared trapped in Davenport rubble

Video shows the dramatic effects of a building collapse in Iowa

A resident of a collapsed building in Davenport, Iowa, had his leg amputated by rescuers trying to free him from the rubble.

Lexus Perry and his wife Guanycia were taking photos of the partition between a wall and the bathroom door in their apartment when the building collapsed around 5pm on Sunday. Lexus was able to run to safety, but his wife and their cats were trapped in the wreckage.

Guanitia was rescued Monday morning, but to free her from the wreckage, surgeons and first responders had to amputate her leg above the knee. His wife said he is now recovering in hospital and on a ventilator Quad-Cities Times.

“She had a lot of debris and stuff around her and her legs were pinned down,” Lexus told the store. “They were able to get one leg out, but to get her out, they had to amputate it. It was a scene I will never forget.”

Two men, Ryan Hitchcock and Brandon Colvin, are believed to be still trapped under the rubble as the city revealed plans to demolish the building due to its fragile condition.


ICYMI: The search for survivors of an apartment building collapse in Iowa

An intensive search is underway to rescue survivors of an apartment building collapse in Davenport, Iowa.

Part of a red-brick building on the city’s main street collapsed around 5pm on Sunday, with shocking photographs showing at least a quarter of the structure’s units destroyed. As of Monday morning, a total of 8 people have been rescued from the rubble.

The cause of the collapse has not been determined, but Mr. Carlston said residents received several 911 calls reporting a “strong smell of gas.”

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Video: Video shows the dramatic effects of a building collapse in Iowa

Video shows the dramatic effects of a building collapse in Iowa

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The surviving wife of a tenant of a collapsed building in Iowa reveals she lost a leg in the rescue

A man who survived a partially collapsed building in Davenport, Iowa, has revealed that his leg was amputated by rescuers trying to save his wife.

Lexus and Guanitia Perry were filming a crack between a wall and a bathroom door when the back of their building caved in around 5pm on Sunday. Lexus was not hit by part of the building that collapsed, but within seconds his wife and two cats disappeared under the rubble.

After the tragedy, first responders worked tirelessly to evacuate the tenants, initially rescuing seven people from the rubble. For the first 12 hours when authorities were unable to locate Guanythia, his wife stayed in the area, anxiously awaiting updates and hoping that Guanythia had survived the ordeal.

On Monday morning, search crews found Guanitia trapped in the rubble.

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A building owner named as a defendant in a civil enforcement action

The city has been in contact with building owner Andrew Woldt, Mr Morris said on Tuesday.

Government agencies are coordinating which agency will lead the investigation, but no criminal charges have yet been filed.

Mr Wold was fined $300 for failing to keep the building in a “safe, sanitary and structurally sound condition”. WQAD reports.

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Iowa officials say ‘computer glitch’ altered inspection log of collapsed Davenport building

When permit records for a collapsed Iowa building were mysteriously changed after the tragedy last weekend, city officials blamed a “computer glitch.” Skeptical members of the community do not believe this is wrong.

Five tenants are still unaccounted for after most of a six-story apartment building in Davenport collapsed Sunday night. Officials say they now face a challenging decision as engineers warn another collapse of the remaining structure is “imminent” – but at least two men, Ryan Hitchcock and Brandon Davis, are feared trapped in the existing rubble.

The announcement of the demolition plan less than 24 hours after the collapse sparked outrage within the community, where protesters had gathered at the site, even before city officials acknowledged that many residents could not be found. The eleventh-hour rescue of the tenant, who had passed out under the bed and awoke to the sound of the family screaming his name, heightened fears that the men might be alive under the rubble.

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Experts say that over time the structure of a collapsed building becomes more fragile

Experts said the structure, built in the 1900s, was too unstable. Officials said that due to the building’s layout, the rear brick section holds most of the burglary structure together, leaving no voids where trapped victims could defend.

Officials said its fragile condition has worsened over time and the possibility of another collapse is imminent.

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Iowa officials say ‘computer glitch’ altered inspection log of collapsed Davenport building

Officials said the building was undergoing permitted repairs at the time of the tragedy.

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Iowa officials planned to demolish the crumbling building. They acknowledged that people may still be trapped

Davenport, Iowa city officials admitted that five residents of a building that collapsed this weekend are still unaccounted for — a day after announcing plans to demolish the unstable structure.

The rear of The Davenport, a six-story apartment complex at 324 Main Street, collapsed around 5 p.m. Sunday after several complaints of bricks falling from the building and residents’ living conditions.

As of Tuesday morning, nine people had been rescued from the wreckage, Davenport Fire Chief Michael Carlston said. Lisa Brooks was the ninth person to be rescued in the early hours of Tuesday, more than 24 hours after the collapse – after Mr Carlston said on Monday evening that “no one was believed to be trapped” under the rubble.

“She’s at home and she’s fine now. She was dead under the bed and the only reason she woke up was because we were shouting her name,” said Pauletta Joanna, Mrs Brooks’ niece. The Independent.

Davenport Mayor Mike Madsen admitted during a press conference Tuesday that the occupants of the Davenport Police Department building did not account for the five people. Two of them, Ryan Hitchcock and Brandon Colvin, are feared still in the building.

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WATCH: Ninth person rescued from Iowa building rubble

A ninth person has been rescued from the rubble of an Iowa building

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