Colorado dentist poisons wife: James Toliver Craig, dentist accused of poisoning wife Angela Craig, arrested, police say

Aurora, Colonel. — A Colorado dentist has been arrested in connection with the “complicated and calculated” poisoning death of his wife, local police said Sunday. ABC News reported.

James Toliver Craig, 45, was arrested early Sunday morning on a charge of first-degree murder, the Aurora Police Department said.

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Authorities said Craig and his wife, Angela, arrived at a local hospital around 8:45 p.m. Wednesday night after suffering from “severe headaches and dizziness.”

Police said he was put on ventilator after his condition deteriorated rapidly A statementAlso, “She was declared clinically brain dead shortly thereafter.”

Mark Hildebrandt, division chief of the department, said an investigation into his “sudden” death revealed he had been poisoned.

“It was soon discovered that this was indeed a brutal, complex and calculated murder,” Hildebrandt said in a statement.

A colleague recently opened a package sent to Craig at the dentist’s office containing potassium cyanide. She alerted a nurse at the hospital of her suspicions, leading investigators to Craig.

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Police said Craig bought arsenic and cyanide and secretly pumped Angela into a protein shake.

An arrest affidavit showed text messages between him and his wife in the week before his death, with Angela complaining that “my head is funny and dizzy,” and even writing, “I feel drugged.”

According to the affidavit, “How many grams of pure arsenic will kill a man?” Investigators found that Craig had conducted several online searches about poisons, including and “Can arsenic be detected at autopsy?”

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The couple has six children. Family and friends told police that they were struggling financially and that Craig had several affairs, but that he had previously tried to poison her. Craig has yet to enter a plea.

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