Chrome is a bit different

Chrome on desktop is getting a new look. Google’s widely used browser is getting an update in the coming weeks based on its Material U design language, and in this case, it includes updated icons “focused on clarity” and a new color palette that “better complements your tabs and toolbars.” Blog post by Chrome VP Parisa Tabriz.

You can preview the new look and GIF in the image below. To me, the most noticeable change is that things look a bit rounder, like the new corners at the top of the window.

Chrome isn’t the only one getting a new look, as Google is revamping the interface for the Chrome Web Store. Those changes are already in place Live in public preview (As seen By 9to5Google Last week), and I’ve created an image slider comparing the old style with the new style below; I think the new store looks good Very much The best.

The new Chrome Web Store (left) and the old (right).

Google is making some updates to the Safe Browsing tools in Chrome to help keep you safe while you surf the web. When you visit a risky site, Google now checks that site against a list that is stored locally and updated every 30 to 60 minutes. But in the coming weeks, a change that will check sites against Google’s bad sites list in real-time could prevent you from visiting a malicious site created just minutes ago. “By reducing the time between identifying and blocking threats, we expect to see a 25 percent improved protection against malware and phishing threats,” says Tabriz.

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