Biden meets China’s President Xi: Live updates

7:27 pm ET, November 15, 2023

The US official says the Biden-Xi talks will include “very direct” exchanges on technology, economics and nuclear issues

From CNN’s Kevin Lipduck

Talks at the summit between US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping in California were “much more direct” and had more back-and-forth between the two than when they met a year ago, a senior US official said.

Biden was “very direct” with Xi on several topics, the official said, while Xi raised his concerns about rhetoric in the United States about China.

At one point, Xi told Biden that he believed there was unfairly negative publicity about the Chinese Communist Party in the United States.

In an exchange about U.S. restrictions on technology exports to China, Xi likened the measures to “technology restriction.” Biden responded that the US would not provide technology that could be used militarily against China.

The official said Biden raised direct concerns with Xi about harassment of American businesses in China.

The two discussed artificial intelligence and agreed to work together on new technology.

As China rapidly expands its arsenal, Biden told Xi it was important to be more transparent on nuclear issues.

Biden “pulls no punches,” the official said, adding that Xi experienced little backlash within the Chinese establishment.

Biden was “respectful” but “clear.”

However, moments of tension were interspersed with some lace. When Biden wished Xi’s wife a happy birthday (which falls on the same day as Biden’s next week), Xi said she had forgotten she had worked so hard.

He thanked Biden for reminding him.

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