A hiker kills a rabid coyote after it bites him on the leg during an attack

Authorities in Rhode Island say a man killed a coyote with his bare hands after the rabid animal attacked him while on a hike.

The victim, who has not been identified, was hiking through the woods in Johnston on Friday when he was attacked by a coyote. NBC News And this Associated Press.

Johnston bit the man on the leg before killing the animal, which later tested positive for a rabid bite. Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management said in a press release.

The victim pinned the coyote by its neck and cut off its air supply to kill the animal, the AP reported.

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Officials shared that a coyote “may have been involved” in a separate attack in Scituate, RI on Thursday.

The department said the person involved in the initial attack was a dog walker, according to NBC News and the AP.

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Rhode Island State Veterinarian Dr. Scott Marshall said anyone in Scituate and Johnston who comes into contact with a coyote is asked to call the health department's infectious disease division, according to the DEM.

Without receiving proper post-exposure vaccinations, “all cases are fatal,” officials said.

“If pet owners in these two communities believe their pet has come into contact with a coyote, call or visit your veterinarian to make sure your pet's rabies vaccination is current,” Marshall said in a news release Monday.

In addition to staying up-to-date on rabies vaccines, the Department of Health and Environmental Management recommends pet owners protect their animals by “always maintaining control” and not letting them roam unsupervised.

Departments recommend avoiding outdoor feeding of stray or free-roaming domestic animals, wild animals and pets. Garbage bins should also be “securely” covered.

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