Turning the page for new Springdale book club

Published on March 16, 2017

The new Novel Book Club in Springdale has been underway for about eight months.

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A group of people in Springdale is hoping to make reading “sexy” again.

Similar to the popular Justin Timberlake hit song suggesting bringing sexy back, Sarah Batty is looking to bring reading back. 

Through the first eight months of the new Novel Book Club, she certainly deems it a success so far. 

Batty, an avid reader, posted the idea of forming a book club — something many would consider obsolete these days — to Facebook, and the reaction was positive. They have a group of 23 online members, most from the local area, but some throughout the province. 

“I really enjoy reading,” she said. “We live in Springdale, which is a very small town, and there’s not a ton to do. This was something to keep ourselves busy and to get ourselves to make time to see our friends.” 

The book club is connected to the province’s library system that offers book club kits. There is a list of suggested books that a club can have sent for the members to read. Batty in turn provides links to online sites where the books can be obtained for those members preferring to read digitally or who live outside the area. 

Once a month, they schedule meetings to get together and discuss the chosen book. It usually involves a snack and the conversation usually expands to current and local events of interest. There is a group of about eight people who attend the meetings. Discussions branch over to the Facebook page for all members to participate. 

Another group member then selects the next month’s book. 

“We are all avid readers obviously or we wouldn’t be in a book club,” Batty said. “But, this pushes us out of our comfort zone by reading a book somebody else is picking for us. Every month we are reading something that we probably would never read on our own. It is really great to push ourselves and learn, which is fun.” 

The group would love to add more members and keep growing, according to Batty. It is a great way to show the province the importance of libraries too, she said. 

“When government came out about closing libraries, I think it was an eye-opener for a lot of us in our small town that our library could go on the chopping block,” she said. “If we get more members, that is more books being checked out and more bodies being put into the library. Hopefully that would immunize our library from being cut.” 

Anybody looking for more information or to join the club can contact Judy at 673-4169.