Celebrating ‘love’ at the library

Published on February 18, 2016

Everyone loved having a Valentine lunch.

The children who attended story time to celebrate Valentine's Day was greeted by the Queen of Hearts, (aka Librarian Judy Hamilton) as they arrived.

The children, with help from parents, filled out their Valentines that they had brought for their friends to put in the Cat Valentine box to be given out later.

Skylar Pilgrim makes her Valentine holder to hold her special Valentines from her friends.

The Queen of Hearts gathered the children to talk about Valentine's day, enjoyed a Valentine's story and sung Skinnamarink.

Everyone gets ready to play a heart target game.

When the story was read they got busy making a Valentine heart holder to put their special Valentines in that they would receive from their friends.
When the crafts were completed they got to play two games, pin the lips on Mrs. Valentine and Heart Target, which was enjoyed by everyone.
While everyone was enjoying their Valentine lunch the Queen of Hearts called out every Valentine individually and the children came to receive it from their friends.

The Nor’wester