Owners invest $54.5M in Avalon Mall redevelopment

Crombie Reit three-year plan includes major changes and upgrades inside and out

Published on May 9, 2017

The Avalon Mall celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, and is undergoing extensive redevelopment.

©Telegram file photo

The owners of the Avalon Mall will spend $54.5 million on the first phase of a major redevelopment project over the next three years.

Late last month, Crombie Reit regional property and leasing manager Marcel Elliot told The Telegram that the plan includes the construction of a four-story parking garage on O’Leary Avenue, the redesign of the Kenmount Road access point and long-term plans for the redevelopment of Woodgate Plaza and the Kenmount Business Centre, properties that were purchased in 2012.

In a news release this week, Avalon Mall management revealed further details on what’s likely to change inside and outside the main structure.

“All interior common areas will be transformed with contemporary porcelain tile, acoustic ceiling tiles and wooden seating,” reads a release. “Lighting will be updated to LED linear and recessed downlight fixtures. Natural light will be in abundance, as plans include a clerestory to replace existing skylights.”

Also starting this year is a redesign and renovation to entrances and the shopping centre’s façade.

In 2018, the food court will also see the same renovations as other common areas, in addition to “a new store front design criteria.”

“We’re grateful for the support our customers have shown us over the past 50 years, and we’re really looking forward to sharing a new and improved Avalon Mall with them,” stated marketing manager Donna Vincent.

This year marks the 50th anniversary for the Avalon Mall, the province’s largest indoor shopping centre at nearly 564,000 square feet. While the official birthday was April 25, the celebration will take place this Saturday.