Stupid laws

Rudy Norman
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I believe some laws we have in this province and this country makes perfect sense for the most part. Laws are meant to protect us, guide us, help us live better lives, hopefully, and help the place we live grow, prosper and flourish into a society we can be proud to call our own.

But some other laws we have around here, to be honest, are just stupid.

I don’t have time to get into all of them, but I wanted to touch on one area of the law that seems out of whack to me when it comes to certain regulations.

Moose hunting season is over for this year in our neck of the woods now. If you’re caught anywhere in the Emerald Zone shooting a moose today, whether you had a license and didn’t get your moose or not, then you’re going to face consequences.

That’s a perfectly good law.

We need to have regulations around when people can shoot moose, where to shoot them, and how many can be shot.

These laws are in place to help protect the environmental ecosystem of the province and to prevent us from a moose holocaust. Same goes for the fact that you shouldn’t be allowed to shoot a moose if you don’t have a license.

But there’s one regulation around moose hunting that I don’t understand the benefits to society it has.

Let me give you an example. This isn’t meant to describe actual people or situations – anything that does, is pure coincidence.

Fred and Joe are two buddies who are going moose hunting. Both have a license to hunt a moose.

Fred has a Bull-only license, while Joe has an Either-sex license.

Fred and Joe walk in the woods, up across the bog – so far we’ve done nothing illegal, just two old buddies going to see if they can exercise their privilege of being a Newfoundland and Labradorian and test their luck of landing a big game animal on the beautiful November morning.

Suddenly, the b’ys spot a big cow up a ways a bit. She’s a beauty, I tell ya. Would look real nice in Joe’s fridge, no?

The guys have been hunting most of the day and this is the first sign of anything they’ve seen worth shooting. They’re tired, and they just want to have a feed of moose for supper tomorrow night.

Joe takes aim, but he knows he’s a terrible shot and can’t hit the moose from this far away. He’s scared to ruin his chances, and writes it off as a loss cause. A day wasted.

Suddenly, he comes up with an idea. Fred is an excellent shot. The boy should have went in with that Navy SEAL team to hunt Bin Laden, he’s so impressive with a rifle. Surely he’s able to down that moose.

Joe looks over at Fred and asks for his help. Both are crouched down no more than four feet apart.

It’s either Fred shoots now, or they try to get closer for Joe to take the shot. Either way, that moose is coming down.

It’s getting dark. They boys opt for the former.

Fred pulls the trigger and downs the moose. Right as the game warden walks up behind them.

A couple months later Fred and Joe are in court. Fred doesn’t have a gun anymore, and Joe doesn’t have a moose. Neither mean can get a moose license for a few years, and their wallets are a bit lighter now after paying that hefty fine.

Why? Because what Fred and Joe did was illegal. Even though they were standing four feet from each other, and did something that was going to happen anyways.

Like I said before – some laws are great, but others are just stupid.

At least my little brain  hasn’t come up with how they’re beneficial yet.

Sadly, there are people whose lives have been nearly ruined because of stupid laws. Because as we know – no matter how stupid we think they are, they still need to be obeyed.

Right, Fred and Joe?

– Rudy Norman

Geographic location: Newfoundland

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