‘I don’t think the government could have handled it any worse’

Rosie Mullaley
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After a week that saw a blizzard, bitter cold temperatures and a major power outage that crippled most of the province for several days, life is slowly getting back to normal for most people.

However, public opinion is still raging about how the situation was handled by the government.

When approached by The Telegram Thursday, here’s what people in downtown St. John’s thought of the blackout situation.


Jeremy Kelly

Portugal Cove Road

Power loss: 5 hours

“We didn’t have it too bad. I felt bad for the people who needed power for health reasons.”

Overall thoughts:

“I don’t think the government could have handled it any worse. The premier’s delay in making any kind of public statement is totally unacceptable. The people in charge, they all fell down on the job.”


Rolanda Tucker


Power loss: 27 hours

“It was very inconvenient, but we dealt with it. We bundled up going to bed, went on drives to get warm and visited friends who had power as much as we could.”

Overall thoughts:

“I don’t have much of an opinion on the whole thing, really. I just hope to God it never happens again.”


Willow Kean

Military Road area

Power loss: 24 hours

“We were lucky because my boy­friend’s parents had power most of the time, so we stayed over there. But I worried about others who didn’t have it so good.”

Overall thoughts:

“I think NL Hydro and NL Power did great, but Kathy Dunderdale should’ve made herself more present at the beginning of the crisis. I think the metro area, especially, is being developed beyond our capacity. Before we build more subdivisions and huge houses, we need to figure out if our system can handle it. But I think it was an eye-opener for everyone.”


Wanda Vaters

Mount Pearl

Power loss: On and off, 2 1/2 hours at the most

“Since we were one of the few lucky ones who had power, we had people come over and stay with us. We tried to help out as much as we could.”

Overall thoughts:

“In this day and age, I can’t believe we have to worry about electricity. It doesn’t make any sense. This can’t go on anymore.”


Brad Burness

Old Topsail Road

Power loss: 12 hours

“We had no problems at all, since we had a fireplace and lots of firewood. We recently had our place upgraded to include more insulation, as well.”

Overall thoughts:

“It was very poor planning on the government’s part. Kathy Dunderdale had a perfect opportunity to show leadership and she dropped the ball. It was her chance to rally all the fighting Newfoundlanders, but she didn’t.”


Joseph Fry

Leslie Street

Power loss: 24 hours

“We didn’t stay home too much. We left to stay with friends, who had power most of the time.”

Overall thoughts:

“During the power outage, we went for a walk downtown and we couldn’t believe it. All the businesses were lit up like Christmas trees, even the ones under construction, and not a soul in them. When they were talking conservation, something’s wrong when you see that.”


Brittany Oram

Leslie Street

Power loss: 24 hours

Overall thoughts:

“I know this story went national, so it was a little embarrassing, really. The city is growing at a rapid rate. The government has to look at all this development and see do we have enough power to handle it.”



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