Be still and know that I am God

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Scripture background Psalm 42: 1-2 Habakkuk 2, Verse 20: Psalm 51.At times the tempo of my life and for many others I am sure has increased until sometimes we become driven to despair. There is a danger of living so intensely that we may lose sight of God, and his living presence. Who has not had the desire to get away from the loud noises of every day life and the realm of nature, where one can commune quietly with God?In the past years solitude has brought me to a certain way of regarding the importance of being alone and communing with God. Through many long years, assailed by doubt, acquainted with problems, and at times forgetting God, I had come at last to feel within my heart the immediate presence of God, I feel certain that he finds me through many mediums, but more so, I believe through silence. It is through this solitude that I have come in closer contact with God. Through nature, through listening to other people, and in many cases just clear my mind of everything and let him take over.

When the master: "come unto me, all ye that are weary and heavy laden for I will give you rest", surely he must have knows that we all need this kind of solitude for a few moments each day. Each morning we face a new day, we know not what is before us. But if we let God break through our shell and we will find in confidence and faith he will be our strength. How often this has been true in my own life. Our days are crowded with so many things that there is a danger of losing sight of the most important things of life. We need periods of quiet meditations in order to live each day and to be ready to face the tasks that confront us.

It might be interesting to know that Jesus withdrew to be alone with is father, this he did with his disciples so that he and they would have the help of the heavenly Father and in so doing have the right attitude toward the task that was before them that day. It is written, and history records it, that great works of art were not created in a rush, nor is great lives developed into a whirl of amusement, Newton discovered the law of gravitation, not by accident, but in the quiet garden. Einstein's greatness may be attributed to the fact that he spent a teat deal of time alone.

When the scripture points out these words, "Be still and know that I am God".

We should by faith, I believe, know that he is closer than breathing and nearer than our hands and feet. If we find this, then the peace of God, which none other can give, and is far above all human thoughts, and even understanding. We find that he is there to guard, direct and sustain us. Then by his presence, his way of life will be a guideline as we approach each day to take upon ourselves the task that he set for us.

It is well for us to think on this, "Be still and know that I am God". To whom else shall we turn? He will lead us, and we in turn can go on and lead others to find that peace of mind that comes from communion with God in the quietness of ourselves. Let us attempt by faith to realize that God is in his world. He speaks, but none may hear that voice except we have a listening ear. He has renewed my strength, sent me and others out into the world of turmoil, misunderstanding, struggle for justice, righteous and peace". If we first realize in his words, the task ahead of us will not be one of duty but one of love.

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