Elvis has re-entered the building

Alex Harrold
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I went to see Elvis Presley a few weeks ago. He puts on a pretty good show in spite of his age. This August, Elvis will turn 79. Well, he would've turned 79 if he were still alive.
I've always been a little fascinated by all of the Elvis-sighting folks out there who, for a long time, insisted that he had in fact not left the building, but instead went off to start a church in his name or some such thing. My guess is, all those folks are pretty much over that by now, or dead themselves.

Tabloid-generated Elvis sightings should not be confused with the Elvis Sighting Society that was formed in Ottawa in 1999.

You can check out their website. The society was formed based on a number of similar minded people who used the idea of Elvis sightings as a means to get together and enjoy their mutual respect for the dead singer.

From reading their website, I don't get the sense that they actually believe Elvis is still alive, but you never know. What they have done as a society is move forward as a charitable organization to do good works in their community for people in need.

If an Elvis Sighting Society had been initiated in the country to our left (or right, depending on whether you're facing East or West), my guess is it would not likely have been a philanthropic endeavor.

I'm just guessing of course, but leave it to a bunch of Canadians to use Elvis sightings as inspiration for a charitable organization.

During the process of raising funds, it appears that they have a fair bit of fun as Elvis sighters. As always, I like to pick apart ideas that people have somewhere else that would work quite well here too. The problem I'm having with this one is to come up with a suitable, expired Newfoundlander or Labradorian to serve as the inspiration to form a charitable society.

We haven't had any sightings of anybody I'm aware of that came from here. The crowd around Gambo are clearly quite proud of the fact that Joey Smallwood came from the area. Far as I know however, no one has laid claim to have seen him lately. Same might be said for Danny Williams, and he hasn't expired even a little bit. Nope, I can't think of one person that would take the place of Elvis.

You can see from that last paragraph that, by limiting ourselves to a person from here, we are not likely to find somebody everyone can agree on as a suitable inspiration to form a charitable organization.

Seeing as the crowd in Ottawa expanded on their horizons by picking a fellow who was born in Tupelo Mississippi, it's likely we would meet with more success if we too expanded our horizons to the world at large. As usual, I got this fantastic idea, this time for a charitable organization, that requires your help in determining a suitable dead person to name the organization after.

I came up with a few names in the same genre as the Ottawa crowd, but I know myself well enough to realize that darn few of you would go along with either the Frank Sinatra Sightings Society or the Janis Joplin Sightings Society, seeing as just about everybody accepted the fact that those two singers passed on when they did and actually left the building, never to return or to start a church. They were great singers in their day, but apparently, they were no Elvis'es, assuming Elvis'es is a word. It isn't.

At the same venue where I saw Elvis, I also got to see and hear an Aretha Franklin impersonator. I didn't know she was going to be on the bill when I got there. And, I missed the chance to have my picture taken with her on the way in. That's because, when the young usher asked me if I would like to have my picture taken with her, I thought she said, "Would you like to have your picture taken with Urethra?" My first thought was that the usher was on some sort of medication and in no way did I want my picture taken with an urethra. That urethra could have been anywhere! Or anyone's!

This thing is going to work as soon as you come up with the right dead person many Newfoundlanders and Labradorians have reported seeing around. It would help if they used to sing. Good luck.

Organizations: Elvis Sighting Society, Frank Sinatra Sightings Society, Janis Joplin Sightings Society

Geographic location: Ottawa, Gambo, Tupelo Mississippi

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