Snake Salvation

Alex Harrold
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There's two kinds of snake salvation; and both can bite you.
It's official! The proof should be in! You should be able to safely conclude that poisonous snakes are not interested in your salvation.
The Kentucky pastor known for handling poisonous snakes on the reality show "Snake Salvation" has died from a snake bite after he refused medical attention from his eighth or ninth snakebite.

Death is never something to make light of but, seeing as how all of you should know how I feel about snakes by now, it does beg the question, who couldn't see this coming?

Serpents have traditionally been represented as something evil in the biblical sense. Wouldn't you have to question the oxymoronic practice of handling poisonous snakes to prove a religious connection to salvation? There is no end to the idiosyncratic behavior of humans.

We should be able to expect anything from anyone at any time. That might explain the behavior of the pastor. I'm not sure if it explains his followers.

As for the folks who thought snake salvation would make a good reality TV program, well, we already know there is nothing that can't be put on television and made to be entertaining for some folks. I've never watched the program Snake Salvation. Now, I guess I never will.

I want you to keep in mind that the fact that there are no significant snakes in Newfoundland and Labrador ranks up there in the top three reasons for living here. There will never be a reality show out of this province that has anything to do with snakes, let alone poisonous ones.

I would even venture to say and commit to you that should such a thing come to pass in this province in my lifetime, I will be looking to move on to greener, snake-free pastures, with no apologies to those I leave behind.

Any time somebody does something that the majority of us don't get, we always wonder what it was about them that thought whatever it was they were doing was a good idea.

This is especially true when the thing that the person is doing is so out of character from what they have decided to do with their life.

You can hardly get something more extreme than a religious leader using snakes to somehow link whether or not they bite you, to salvation. This of course excludes those individuals who have come to the conclusion that terrorism and blowing things up will get their point across to the powers that be.

Snake-handling pastors and terrorists share the distinction of being so far out in the left field of life, they have some how missed the point of it all.

We can mourn the passing of a poisonous snake-handling pastor. That sure doesn't mean that we understand them.

Extremism in any form may make a point, but any student of history can tell you that the intended result is not always realized.

Every time we think we are extremely civilized and forward-looking, all we have to do is look around at the behavior of other humans who may share the same level of intelligence, but act in a manner that demonstrates they haven't thought this thing out that they're doing to all of the possible conclusions. I've been watching it happen for 60 years, and I still can't figure out.

The television network that aired the program Snake Salvation may be looking for a replacement program.

If I may be so bold, I would suggest that they look to this province and the nature of its politics.

One could make an argument that handling poisonous snakes and, say, seeking to be the leader of a party shares a lot in common with each other.

The many issues and ways to spend our money must be handled and juggled in such a way so as to avoid being bitten after the fact by something you have done. Often, political leaders will find themselves juggling a number of issues that they were left holding by someone else.

No one has ever physically died from mishandling such slippery issues, but there are enough political lives that were lost similar to the actual loss of the poor Kentucky pastor.

If the networks were to take this on, they wouldn't even have to change the title of the show.

Snake Salvation is our form of leader selection, and the poison is flowing freely once again.

Geographic location: Newfoundland and Labrador, Kentucky

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