Dorset wins badminton qualifier

Published on May 5, 2016

The Dorset Collegiate Huskies won gold in team badminton competition, earning the right to represent the Central West Region at the provincial championships. The team included, front, from left: Jessica Vincent, Robyn Wiseman, Haley Elliott, Brianna Warren, Ty Winsor, Devin Roberts, Coach Denzel Reid, Teacher Sponsor Kieran Smith, back, Coach Jeffery Tizzard, Brandon Roberts, Kelsey Tizzard, Angel Wiseman, Ashton Thomas, Zach Vincent and Benjamin Tizzard.

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The Dorset Collegiate Huskies were back in action last weekend as one of seven teams participating in the School Sports Newfoundland and Labrador (SSNL) Central West Badminton Provincial Qualifier.

Division B games were played at Valmont Academy in Kings Point. Dorset Collegiate’s first match was against the Valmont Academy Vikings. Ashton Thomas represented the Huskies in the male singles encounter, and won it in two games.

Kelsey Tizzard was on deck for female singles and won her encounter in two as well. Ty Winsor, Benjamin Tizzard, Angel Wiseman and Brianna Warren participated in the male and female doubles competitions, respectively. Each doubles encounter was won in two games. Mixed doubles was won by Devin Roberts and Jessica Vincent.

With the first match completed 5-for-5, the Huskies were feeling confident with a great start to their day. The next matchup was against Main River Academy. The encounters went relatively the same, but mixed doubles was played by Brandon Roberts and Robyn Wiseman. The mixed duo played hard, but lost the encounter in three games.

After a successful morning at Valmont Academy the Dorset Collegiate Huskies travelled to Indian River High in Springdale to enter the crossovers in first place. The semi-final matchup was against the Indian River High Wildcats. Ashton Thomas won his singles encounter in two games. Kelsey Tizzard won her encounter in three games. Ty and Benjamin made quick work of their encounter winning it in two games. To round out semi-final play both Jessica and Devin, and Brianna and Angel won their encounters in two games.

The Huskies advanced to the finals to face their previous opponents Main River Academy. The Huskies played well winning all encounters with only the mixed doubles encounter going to three games. With that win the Dorset Collegiate Huskies won gold in team competition, earning the right to represent the Central West Region at the SSNL provincial championships in Glovertown nn May 13-14.

Individual play results were as follows:

Ashton Thomas: Gold Male Singles

Kelsey Tizzard: Silver Female Singles

Angel Wiseman, Brianna Warren: Gold Female Doubles

Zach Vincent, Haley Elliott: Silver Female Mixed Doubles

Benjamin Tizzard, Ty Winsor: Gold Male Doubles.