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Springdale council ratifies Budget 2018

Springdale Mayor Dave Edison.
Cory Hurley/The Nor'wester
Springdale Mayor Dave Edison. Cory Hurley/The Nor'wester - Cory Hurley

Increases to just under $3 million

SPRINGDALE, NL - Springdale's budget has increased to just shy of $3 million - up by about $150,000 over last year.

Mayor Dave Edison said it was a particularly challenging budget, but not for the reasons one may think.

He said the budget itself wasn't necessarily tough, but the learning curve for a new council made it a time-consuming and educational process.

"With a new council there are extensive meetings because - I have been on finance (committee) ever since I have been on council - I have three members who are new," he said.

"The one returning member hadn't served on finance before, and the two new councillors would obviously be serving their first time.

"We took it line for line, and spent a lot of time this fall making sure of where we were to."

Budget 2018 was ratified during Monday evening's public meeting of council.

A portion of the town's surplus ($35,111.18) was used to balance the budget at $2,957,808.82.

Of particular note, according to the mayor, is spending just under $300,000 in capital works and investing in such areas as the fire department, cleanup initiatives, and parks and recreation.

The town is at about a 13 per cent debt ratio, according to Edison, something he is proud of.

"If you look around the province, I think we would be in the upper echelon when it comes to those ratios," he said. "We are a well-managed town, and have been for years.

"We are in good shape going forward with some of the big projects we want to tackle in (20)'19 and (20)'20."

While there were no tax increases, according to the mayor, there were some slight fee increases.


Springdale Budget 2018

Projected revenue: $2,922,697.64

General administration

Town hall general:$505,365

Promotion and economic development$115,800

Debt charges

Debt charges general:$350,788

Debt charges provincial share:$129,366

Loan interest:$70,000

Protection persons and property

Fire department general:$104,646

Street lighting:$70,500

Animal control:$2,400

Public works


Snow clearing: $177,480

Road repairs:$231,780

Water and sewer











Manuel Hall:$12,625

Curling club:$19,700

Capital expenditures out of revenue

Capital expenditures:$32,000

Sanitation and waste removal


Total Expenditures:$2,957,808.82

Net surplus (deficit):-$35,111.18

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