Memorial for Quinn Butt proposed in Harbour Grace

Town council to seek further information from woman offering to build it

Published on March 20, 2017

Quinn Butt

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The Town of Harbour Grace is going to reach out to the person proposing to establish a memorial in the community to honour Quinn Butt and victims of domestic violence.

As discussed at the Wednesday, March 8 council meeting, Elena Parsons-Katkic, a woman living in Ontario with family ties to Harbour Grace, has an artist in mind to create a mural, a company to build a wall and a supplier to provide plaques. People would be encouraged to purchase plaques to dedicate to loved ones.

“She’s proposing to take the project on, get all the materials, get everything done, and make a mural not only for Quinn Butt, but for other victims (of domestic violence) in the town of Harbour Grace,” Mayor Terry Barnes said after reading a portion of Parsons letter out loud at the meeting.

According to the last paragraph of her letter, Parsons-Katkic is proposing to have a portion of the cost for each plaque donated to either the town to help maintain the memorial or to a women’s shelter.

Quinn Butt died last April at the age of five. Her father, Trent Spencer Butt, is charged with first-degree murder and arson in relation to Quinn’s death.

Interest was recently expressed in establishing a memorial near the beginning of the walking trail in Bear’s Cove in memory of Quinn Butt and victims of domestic violence.
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Coun. Pat Haire openly questioned whether the project was appropriate for the town, given Quinn was from Carbonear. Coun. Kathy Tetford noted the concept for the memorial — which Parsons-Katkic would reportedly like to see set up on the new walking trail in Bear’s Cove beside a bench — is for all people. Quinn’s mother grew up in the Bear’s Cove area.

“It seems like there’s no cost to the town,” said Tetford. “I don’t see any issue with it.”

Mayor Barnes expressed a desire to see more information on this before making any decision on whether to move forward with the idea. Coun. Hayward Blake noted too that following the death last summer of local hockey legend Dick Power, donations were accepted in his memory for The Eternal Light for Quinn Memorial Fund.

“We need to make sure that it all works together as opposed to two different groups doing (the same thing),” he said, “which is why we need to reflect on this a little more and make sure that we move in a direction that we want to move.”