Springdale man publishes life skills book

Published on April 20, 2017

Fred Grothe of Springdale has published a book, “The Manual to Life,” which he hopes will provide people with life skills to help them as they move forward in their lives.

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SPRINGDALE, NL — Fred Grothe of Springdale hopes his recently released personal development book will provide people with life skills to help them as they move forward in their lives.

“The Manual to Life,” will also be helpful to the younger generation who the author feels are growing up with a lack of “practical education.”
“I have a bunch of chapters that give my ideas on life skills that people should learn and know, but a lot of people don’t,” Grothe said during a recent phone interview.
The first chapter in the book addresses “learning how to learn,” he said.
That’s something he says is no longer taught in schools.
There are also chapters on communication and relationships, with each chapter providing exercises the reader can do. The exercises are related to the particular topic being discussed.
It’s always been Grothe’s dream to write a book. While he’s attempted to write several in the past, this is the first one that has made its way to publication.
“One of the things I’ve always wanted to write about is relationships so, over time, I developed an idea to write a book on life skills that people don’t seem to have anymore and practical ways of becoming better at them,” he said.
When asked about other particular life skills that he believes have fallen by the wayside, Grothe said many people no longer know how to communicate verbally.
“It’s easy enough to text someone a message, but talking to someone one-on-one is a completely different scenario,” he said.
Many people nowadays also lack confidence, according to the author.
“The book talks about overcoming obstacles,” he said. “People give up too easily.”
“The Manual of Life” will give people skills to understand if something is “the end of the road,” he said, or if “you just need to go to the next door and keep knocking.”
His original plan was to publish the book in hard copy. When that didn’t pan out, he decided to offer the book online as a downloadable Kindle book through Amazon. While the book will remain available there, Grothe (who owns Green Bay Digital in Springdale) now plans to self-publish a hard copy of the book.
“This will be a spiral type manual book which you can actually use as a workbook,” he said.
Originally from Manitoba, Grothe moved to St. John’s with his parents (Linda and Ralph) in 1990, when his father accepted a position as a photocopier service technician.
“Mom wanted to paint the ocean, so off to Newfoundland we went,” he said.
Grothe’s parents now live in Ontario, while he and his family have been living in Springdale for about 16 years. Grothe has a Diploma in Theology from the Northeast Christian College in New Brunswick.
While writing his book, he completed a course through Jack Canfield (author of the awarding winning book “The Success Principles”) that has certified him as trainer in success principals.
He now offers personal success development coaching.
“(That’s) kind of like life coaching, but more focused on proper mindset, life skills, and success principles in action to help clients reach their potential and goals,” he said.
Now that he’s scratched publishing a book off his bucket list, Grothe will continue to promote the book while devoting time to posting motivational videos to “The Manual to Life” Facebook page.
The page stemmed from the book, he said, and the 8-12 minute videos give those who visit the site thought-provoking, life-skills to help them take on their day.
“My goal is to post videos every morning Monday-to-Friday for the full year,” he said.
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It’s easy enough to text someone a message, but talking to someone one-on-one is a completely different scenario.

Fred Gothe, author