Nearing the end of high school, Goudie twins of Baie Verte ready for another show

Coffee house features young entertainers

Published on March 15, 2017

Kaylie and Kendra Goudie will be performing at the Copper Ridge Academy Coffee House Thursday.

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Music is part of who the Goudie twins of Baie Verte are, so being on stage just comes natural at this point.

Anybody who has attended school events when students get the opportunity to perform knows Kaylie and Kendra Goudie. The same goes for many community events. 

The sisters have been on stage for years, sharing their musical talents and vocal abilities with the community. So, when Copper Ridge Academy scheduled another Coffee House for Thursday, of course the Goudie girls would be part of the show. 

It’s simple where the girls’ love of music comes from — their dad Peter Goudie. 

“Dad always got us into playing guitar and singing,” Kendra said. “I don’t know what we would have done without him, honestly, because he taught us so much.”

Kaylie, left, and Kendra Goudie will be performing at the Copper Ridge Academy Coffee House Thursday evening.
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Of course, the Goudie name is popular throughout the province, and beyond, because of their cousin Rex Goudie, who made a name for himself on Canadian Idol. Music runs through the family, and the twins have been blessed with some of the same talent. 

They started to play guitar and sing together at about Grade 7. Naturally, they found their voices complimented each other, and they enjoyed sharing the stages together. 

“Without music, I am not sure where we would be,” Kaylie said. “It’s our No. 1 thing basically. We come home, pick up our guitars and we sing songs non-stop. It’s just part of our life and something we love.” 

Playing guitar and singing is the main elements of their performances, but between them they play several instruments — notably drums, base, mandolin and piano.  

They enjoy all genres of music, but, when it comes to performing, it is traditional Newfoundland and Labrador and Irish music they play the most. That is also a product of their father, they admit. 

That plays hand-in-hand with the Coffee House, which takes place the day before St. Paddy’s Day. They will be performing “Black Velvet Band,” “Joe Batts Arm Longliners,” and “Cousin Mary” at the show. 

The Goudies believe there are more than 20 performers for the event, which also includes students from other schools in the area for the first time this year. 

As much as they look forward to performing, it is also a chance to hear the talent of the other young performers. 

“It gives people the chance to come out and witness the talent that is in our school,” Kaylie said. 

“I think not a lot of people know we have so much talent, but I think the Coffee House is a way to express it more,” Kendra added. 

They said ticket sales were nearing 100 as of Monday, so they are looking forward to a good audience. 

The girls are nearing high school graduation, and contemplating their futures. Kaylie is thinking about a career in nursing and Kendra is considering cosmetology. However, music will never be too far from their minds. 

“I am not sure if we will keep with the music as much as I want to, but I’d say that will be a side job,” Kendra said. 

If nothing else, there will always be those family gatherings. 

Tickets for the Coffee House can be purchased at Copper Ridge Academy office or calling 532-4288. Tickets must be purchased in advance.