Pair of Indian River High students receives Chappell scholarships

Published on September 5, 2017

Tyler Fleming, a graduate of Indian River High, was recently awarded the Flora Grant Huxter Scholarship for highest academic average in Level 3 courses.

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SPRINGDALE, NL - Tyler Fleming and Helen Zhong of Indian River High will be using the Chappell scholarships they recently received to start their journeys toward becoming future engineers.  

Helen Zhong, a graduate of Indian River High, was recently awarded the Mildred Grant Sullivan Scholarship for highest academic average in Level 3 courses.
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Fleming, who received the Flora Grant Huxter Scholarship, will be attending Memorial University in St. John's starting next week. He has been accepted into the engineering program there.
Zhong, who received the Mildred Grant Sullivan Scholarship, will be attending the University of Waterloo in Ontario, where she will also be studying engineering.
These two scholarships - part of the Chappell Scholarship Fund established by the late Lloyd Chappell of Salinas, California in memory of his late wife and her family - are awarded based on highest academic marks in Level 3 courses. They are valued at $4,000 each over four years.
Fleming said it was a great honour to receive the scholarship.
“I think it proves how hard work can really get you far,” he said.
Having a father, Tim Fleming, who is a high school math teacher, he said he was driven to excel academically. Although he said academics came naturally to him, it was the hard work that propelled him to about a 95 average.
“Working hard can get you important things like scholarships,” he said. “It is really key to not get complacent. I can find some things really easy, but if I don't put the time into it, I am not going to do well or succeed.”
Fleming was not just an academic prodigy during his time at school in Springdale. He was also awarded the Athlete of the Year award for Indian River High this year.
“That is really key because sports is something I have a passion for,” he said. “It is also an easy way to de-stress and take your mind off the academics. You need to have a balance of your own personal time and academic time.”
Fleming says he is both excited and nervous to enter this new stage of his life.
“It’s almost like a new adventure, but at the same time it can also be a bit nerve-wracking,” he said.
Zhong, who could not be reached for comment, also received an entrance scholarship to Waterloo. She was Indian River High's nominee for a Loran Scholarship and the Shulich Leadership Award. She was on the school's graduation class executive and has been part of the Tutoring for Tuition program since Grade 10. At the year-end June assembly, she also received the High School Volunteer Award, Truman Noel Memorial Scholarship, and the Springdale Community Development Cooperative Scholarship.
The Chappell Scholarship Fund is about $200,000 held by the Newfoundland and Labrador English School District. After his death in 2005, another $200,000.00 (U.S.) was left to Indian River High School. The Mae Grant Scholarship (Christopher Yates in 2016/2017), Nellie Weir Grant Scholarship (Britney Piercey in 2016/2017), and Myrtle Grant Scholarship (Dillon McPhee in 2016/2017) are presented at the June assembly.

I think it proves how hard work can really get you far.

Tyler Fleming, scholarship recipient