Combining ambulance services not a good idea, says mayor

Tana Adams
Published on February 25, 2016

Sharing ambulance services with Robert’s Arm as a way of saving the provincial government money doesn’t make much sense to Triton Mayor Jason Roberts.

If someone has a heart attack in Brighton and the shared ambulance at Triton is gone to Springdale with someone from Robert’s Arm, that’s a 45-minute wait, he said.
Lloyd Colbourne of Robert’s Arm recently suggested such a move as part of a pre-budget consultation.
Roberts said he was speaking based on his understanding of a previous experience when the town used to send its ambulance to Springdale on standby.
“Our ambulance is at the end of the road,” he added, referring to their Green Bay south location on Route 380. “We pay for our own."
“Government is only paying for normal ambulance service, which is basically per kilometre, per trip to travel.”