NL Power bullying customers

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Letter to the editor

Dear Editor,

It’s time! It’s time we all wake up and realize that if, and only if, we all come together as one, we can force NL Power to stop their trend of bullying us, the Newfoundland people, simply because Poppa wants a fatter wallet.

Recently, the NL Power executive office repeated why a 7.2 per cent increase is needed for their company carrying charges. Last rate increase, it was blamed on NL Hydros’ charging NL Power more, then it was increased oil costs at Holyrood. OK. This year, depending which statement you believe, they have legitimate reasons again.

So far, I’ve heard three reasons:

Firstly, they need the increase because costs are going up in upgrading their equipment. That’s not the peoples’ fault.

Secondly, the CEO blamed the higher costs on the downfall of the fishery. Really? That’s laughable if it weren’t so serious. Do you care to explain, in layman’s terms, so that everybody will understand, how this is so? Maybe that’s why the codfish left. They couldn’t afford to keep up with NL Power on what they, the fish, earned. Smart fish. Maybe we should take a lesson from the fish.

Thirdly, they blame it on the investors who deserve a fair rate of return on their investments. Well, the stock market is a risky venture to begin with. You buy shares and HOPE for a fair rate of return on that investment. You don’t demand the ROI, and when you don’t get it or you start losing, you sell those shares. That’s what the stock market is; a gamble, not a GIC!

Fourthly, the reason is because all the senior executives at NL Power need their 10 per cent raises. Need? How about those on fixed incomes and other limited budgets needing food to eat or to live in all rooms of their house, not just the kitchen and bedrooms?

We don’t drive around in Mercedes or big Buicks, wear exotic furs and we certainly don’t go on vacations or throw expensive dinner parties. I don’t know about anyone else but I don’t live like that, nor would I want to, not on the backs of someone who can hardly buy a box of Kraft Dinner. Neither do the majority of NL Power customers. I can’t even afford to go camping once a year.

Hell, I even had to beg for my Christmas dinner.

It’s time to step up and call NL Power to task for bullying its customers. Call them, write them, text them and then do the same to your MHA. Together we CAN do this.

Wanda White

Broad Cove, Conception Bay North

Organizations: NL Power executive, Dear Editor

Geographic location: Newfoundland, Mercedes, Conception Bay

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