Muskrat Falls is about the future

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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

There are quite a few ideas that come to mind when thinking about Muskrat Falls and Hydro Electric production in Eastern Canada.

In your Editorial “What I know about Muskrat Falls,” you were asking about negotiating with Quebec. We know what kind of a deal we got the last time in 1969. Do you think Quebec will give us a better deal from the kindness of their heart? It would be like a boy with a peashooter trying to deal with a man with a slingshot. We may have control of the Churchill Project but if we don’t own a power line what do we do?

I have two theories about Hydro Power in Eastern Canada:

First, I think it is easy to see that Quebec Hydro would like to control all hydro production in the Eastern Provinces. We know they almost had control when they decided to come on board with Nalcor. If they had succeeded, that would have sealed the fate for hydro production in Eastern Canada and it wouldn’t be long before they would own all of Nalcor also.

My second theory is far reached but is something to think about all the same.

We all know Quebec has been talking about independence for 40 years. They have just voted in a minority separatist government in this last election, with their main platform being separation from Canada. The main reason Quebecers are voting against separation is because they can’t afford it.

However, if they controlled hydroelectric production in all of Eastern Canada, then what?

With the American market in high demand today, what about in 50 years from now? Muskrat Falls is not about today or tomorrow, it’s about 2041 – it’s about 50-75 years from now. It’s about our slice of a promising market and about protecting our economy for the future. It’s about that little boy putting down his peashooter when her grows up and defending himself.

David Hatch


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Geographic location: Muskrat Falls, Quebec, Eastern Canada Eastern Canada.In Eastern Provinces

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Recent comments

  • James G. Learning
    October 25, 2012 - 19:40

    Mr, Hatch, You paint Quebec Hydro as villians. The Joey fiasco on the Upper Hamilton Heights, Churchill was a bail out by QC they were not really ready nor interested in aquiring this business in Labrador at the time. Yet they did, for their own good of course. You, Dunderdale and Williams seem to have a burr up your backsides, regarding Quebec. As a Labradorean I have grown up with French Canada and count the French Canadians the true Canadians, as what was taught us in my grade five history class. Radisson and Groserris were heros led by Champlain. My point is tell kids who the villians are ant they will believe you. the junk hatred and malis Williams, Dunderdale and yourself are spewing will carry over to hatred and resentment to an innocent people as well as business you attack, for no good reason I might add. Now if you want some real villians look to StJohn's and the years of the great flu. Here you will find the true definition of things gone wrong and mean spirited people. Newfoundlanders from St.John's recommended we in Labrador under the strain of this flu be left to starve, we were not worth the bother to save. In my opinion not a lot has changed, given the treatment we get from the capital today, we are still very much ignored on a level which would insite roits any where elae on this continent.