Looking ahead

Rudy Norman
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2012 was a big year for many of us. Looking back now some things that happened this year seem so far away, it’s hard to believe it was actually in the last 12 months that it happened. Some other things, it just seems like yesterday.

For me, I find it a bit overwhelming when I look back at the magnitude that this year actually was. How much ground was covered – how many experiences were felt and told about. It’s been a special year.

Although often times I think we make the mistake of dwelling too much on the past that was. It’s human nature to want to go back and do some things over, and relive some other things and hope they never end. If you say you don’t feel that way sometimes, then you’re fooling yourself more than anyone else.

It’s a nice thought to say that a person lives with no regrets, but that simply just isn’t the case most of the time. We make mistakes in life that we don’t like dwelling on, and because of that we don’t have a choice but to accept that it happened and move on.

That’s it. Move on.

Looking back is the only choice we have to do or not to do. We can look back and think and wonder and worry about the stuff that happened before, or we can forge ahead and go full tilt towards what’s in front of us – no matter what it may be.

Yes, that sounds like a much better plan. Look ahead, not back.

Looking ahead for me, and I think 2013 is going to be a fine year. It’s going to be a time of new experiences, new challenges and new adventures.

We’ll laugh, we’ll cry, we’ll smile and we’re frown. We’ll be excited and indifferent, glad and upset, happy and sad.

So don’t look back on the things that were – no matter how marvelous or tragic they were. We have enough on our plates to look to what’s ahead and prepare for that. This is our goal – this is our job. This is why we’re here. To look ahead.

See you 2013.

—Rudy Norman

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